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So! Hubs went to withdraw our funds that had been deposited this morning, and the teller told him he might just take it all and go elsewhere, she “is tired of dealing with your nonsense!”

See! Rude and not even apologetic! I called to find out what happened and she told me, “I’m finally done with you!”

W O W !

so I want to encourage you and your business not to do business with this credit union! I’ve contacted the main branch and am awaiting word from them. Let’s see what they say, shall we.


Bottom line: our account has been closed which is interesting, as they informed me the other day, I had to be there to close the account! caught ’em in another lie… how many do they have, huh?



really?!? *facepalm*

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I love the majority of my friends on facebook, really I do! 85% of them are really awesome! and that’s even without trying to be.

And then we have a small percentage 5% that while they never used to be so dramatic, have now become so. Is this a result of them being on facebook? I don’t know. But it seems to be a good possibility with these people.

The other 10% are just uniquely them! lol

They post highly personal family stuff and then whine when the rest of the family have blocked them. gee wonder why?  Then I showed them how to post so only they can see it. Have they? Um NO! Cue more drama.

It’s getting to the point that people that work with this person are starting to feel a hostile environment at work. Why, you ask? Well honestly, every day this person can come in with all her personal drama and doesn’t care who hears her. She complains about her job on facebook too, and that’s really?????? *cough stupid* So yeah, it’s tense for a bit until she arrives and what she is talking about. And that can be the calm before the storm. I’ve seen this person in a good mood and then a little thing happens and ka-blooey it’s on, the drama that is.

Honestly, if you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude about it. And if you keep complaining about the drama on facebook, stop causing it! 

yes, I do still like the person, I just don’t like the behavior. So what am I doing about it, 1) venting it here, and hopefully, this post educates others on their behavior, 2) move her from friends to acquaintances on facebook-so ya know I’m not dropping her as a friend, I just don’t see her dramatic posts in my timeline, 3) listen to her if she needs to vent, and redirect her to a more positive option!  4)at the most extreme-stay in my office and out of the drama.

So, thanks for reading!

Have an awesome day, stay warm and safe. We’re under a weather advisory. Cold, cold and oh yeah, more cold. 😉

yay! good news


So last week on FB I posted; “Frontier Sucks!” which is quite true, the customer service representative kept interrupting me and saying, “We value your service.” To which I replied, “Really? Then stop interrupting me!” However I did manage to stay calm and not bite her head off, and then I gave the phone to hubs. Yep, she kept interrupting him too.  The issue; I have been paying for a phone that I don’t use! And then they tell us we don’t need a phone for just internet service. But… they won’t work with us on the issue; the fact I’ve been paying a year on a service with other services added (voicemail, etc), that I don’t want or need! ARRGH! 😦

Lo and behold the very next day a Comcast representative stopped by the house and asked hubs if we wanted to change ISP’s? UH YES!!

So Tuesday they came to the house and installed the new and improved ISP! Woohoo! Hubs and I can now both be on the net and there is no lagging, and the download speed for a tv show on iTunes is fantastic. Before: Frontier to download a show=twenty six hours! NO, I’m not joking! Now with Comcast downloading a show=ten minutes or less! W O W ! what a difference! And that is with hubs playing an online game, me watching CBS.com and the download on the iPad! 😀

So yeah, we’re definitely keeping Comcast and Frontier can bite me! lol Rude customer service no matter what the issue is, interruptions on the services and no they didn’t pro-rate it either, their answer when I called in about a disruption of service, “OOPs, not our fault.” Okay, but if I’m not able to use their service, they shouldn’t be able to charge me for no service. Am I right?  Oh and this was hilarious while Hubs was on the phone with them and asked for a phone number, the rep said, “let me look that up for you.” Okay that was nice of her, but twenty minutes later??? I had already found and asked to confirm the number with her in five minutes on my phone. Which was the correct number and she asked me how I found it so quickly, “Um Google!” Yes, seriously, five minutes on Google and she had been searching her directory twenty minutes. WOW!




I am an Earth sign, which means I’m stable, reliable, practical and realistic.

Earth signs are the builders of long-lasting structures.

Sounds awesome right?


I tend to think about some things symbolically, if I’m an Earth sign, that means I have fire within me, air surrounding me and water on my surface. Well not to mention, that I do have water in me too,  about 60%. Hmmm. Yep, that fits better. Air is a sign of communication, and I love communications. Water flows, water is slow and steady strength, that works too. I might take my time, but I am pretty determined when I set my mind to something. Fire… yes. I have a fire within. It’s not always good, it’s not always bad. It’s simmering just below my surface, I like to think of a caldera from a volcano. They can be very beautiful and very deadly if you don’t watch your step, hmmm. Sounds familiar. I do have a lot of things within me that I never let go. I meditate an awful lot to maintain balance.  I’m not a violent person. But I won’t be pushed around either. I’m at a point that it’s taken a lot to keep the fire down, to vent out the stressors in creative ways. Writing, artwork, meditation, and yoga.

I am a stable, reliable, structured individual (type A hello), so for me to get to this point, it is taking a considerable toll on me. I can feel it physically, I’m starting to have major physical pains, my fibro is out of control right now. I’ve taken ibuprofen every four to six hours faithfully, and I’m still feeling the shakes and quakes within my bones and nerve endings! on a scale of one to ten, I’m at an eight point five. I’ve taken my preventative meds for my migraines, and yeah… I’m getting a category one I can feel that pressure building up currently. 😦

The photo below is a pretty good representation of how I feel right now. You can see the heat and if you look closely you can see the steam. I don’t want to blow. I need to go write, walk, meditate, watch a movie at lunch, or listen to some TSO. 😀

Send happy thoughts, good positive vibes! Chocolate, Pepsi max and hugs work too! 😀

oooh how about some Kav or Hello Kitty! 😉

sorry I had to get this off my chest! 😉 helps with that venting I do.


moans and groans…


aka I have got to get a few annoyances off my chest, writing is my coping skill. 🙂 and it’s a positive coping skill too. Once I write it out, I forget about it…. or don’t dwell on it anyways. 😉


So a few annoyances today…and one of these started on the Facebook yesterday, I took a sanity break, and have avoided it today as well. I had re-posted an interesting photo. unnamed (7)

And the next thing I see is a reply from someone that claims to be a feminist. Calling this woman a “Shameless Hussy.” Uh NO! Just NO. We get enough bad press/talk from the other gender, we don’t need it from our own. And then I had another woman send me a private message calling me a C __ t. Really? REALLY????  Yeah, I don’t take personal attacks well, so I reported them, sent a screencap of the PM from my phone, and then I removed them from my list. Honestly, I don’t have the time, or energy to deal with stupidity. And yes, I am calling them stupid! Because honestly…. think about this. *facepalms #1*

So I decide to take a sanity break from Facebook, still haven’t been on there today. It’s not a habit, or something that I need to do every day, it is for fun, and when it’s not fun. I stay off of it.


And now for *Facepalm #2* So I love my happier app, until earlier today someone made a post that was “why do people lock down their accounts?” So I tried to be nice, and explain my reason why. They told me that was rude, I was shutting the door on people. Um DUH! that’s what private means. So why are my happier posts locked down? Same as my Facebook page! I don’t want/need clients to try to friend me, or stalk me online. I get enough threats in my position. And I’ve been stalked in real life from client’s… I don’t need that nonsense online as well.

So I feel I’m justified in my moans and groans this afternoon. I gave fair warning to my subscribers to avoid this post if they wanted. But I hope really that they didn’t. 😀  Because honestly, I can’t be the only one that has issues with online nonsense. LOL 😛

*Warning* I’m venting


Okay so I’m a friendly person and own or belong to some groups on facebook. And omg one of them wants us to STOP liking posts, as they are getting to many email notifications in their inbox. UMMMM! Turn OFF the freaking notifications, problem solved. Well not according to the same people that are complaining. Really? Maybe you didn’t do it right, cause I don’t get notifications from facebook. OI VEY!

Now I’m a smart ass and um yeah, passive aggressive so I’ve been liking every freaking post and comment. LOL

The other solution; I’m probably going to drop this group, cause I don’t need the drama!


People if you start a group, not everyone is going to be able to participate for one reason or another, at least they are participating by ‘liking’ stuff. If YOU don’t like the email notifications, well turn the damn things off, if you’re still getting them, um write the help desk! honestly that’s your problem NOT MINE!

okay venting done!! thanks!!!  Seriously, I had to get that out. Especially when I noticed I’m being passive aggressive LOL 😛


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