I’m usually good about not being disrespectful about my employment …but I’m about to explode!

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I’m trying not to let it cause severe Chest pains, I’ve been noticing an influx of heart attack symptoms since I’ve been told, “You need to be more fluid” and “We expect you to work and not start before 8” and “The expectations are you will see ALL new admissions, any admissions during the day and you still HAVE TO DO YOUR GROUPS AND SEE ALL PATIENTS FOR INDIVIDUAL THERAPY! THOSE ARE THE EXPECTATIONS! OH, AND YOU HAVE TO BE LICENSED!” Yes, I’ve had to take my nitroglycerin pills on a daily to multiple times daily basis. My migraines have increased and my depression has reached black hole levels again! 😦

ARRRH! I’m not going through that BS again, NASW (National Association of Social Workers) will NOT give me accommodations! I’ve had multiple Providers (Cardiac Surgeons, Cardiologist, Neurologist, Ophamalogist, and my General Provider), write letters to the fact I need the alternative testing and NASW REFUSE! why?
M O N E Y!! The bottom line is they will have to pay someone to proctor my test and then they have to actually work (OMG) to grade the test and not have a computer do it. :O and people wonder why I am no longer an NASW member! I used to be a regional director for them, pro bono! Screw that! Their expectations are the same as above and work me like a servant while not paying me! “You’ll get a lot of networking opportunities.” Sounds like you work for free and you might get a job. I know my artist friends understand that.

Okay, I’m getting paid at work but I’m still being treated like an indentured servant. Seriously, this place has told me the same day, that’s right the same day, my job is changing, “Michelle you’re no longer on the inpatient unit, you’re now doing special assessments for the Substance Courts!” This has happened multiple times in the past 5 years and I’ve not complained. I’ve simply done the job. And now! Screw that! I’m tired! Silent quitting, HA! I have MEDICAL reasons that I’m moving slower than I used to. I’m no longer giving them any of my free time. If they EXPECT me to work through lunch, then I expect to leave an hour earlier! Quid pro Quo! Not to mention the jumping through hoops to get them to approve me for FMLA and then they tried to deny that! Until I proved to them I’m a PROTECTED STATUS VETERAN! hmm, they still don’t like that and will do anything to not have me go to my appointments. YEAH, I’ve been warned (verbal next will be written) about having scheduled days off for VA appointments. Who does that? Does my Veteran status mean anything to these people? Obviously not! and they don’t like admitting or seeing veterans at all. Especially if they don’t have insurance or qualify for insurance. yep

A coworker and I both over 50 and female have been discussing how we feel that we’re being forced to quit. This merger has been detrimental to the people that started working here! the new people merging, no! Everything is being done to make them happy! and screw the original people that accepted their ceo (small case letters on purpose!) There were multiple people leaving at the beginning, and most of them were forced out! They were told things that made it impossible for them to stay. And now, we’re being told about bonuses for those of us that get people to work here. HA! this is the last place I’d recommend people to work at. They are horrible to Veterans!!!

No, I’m not in a good mood about this place any longer! We were discussing loyalty and how we were raised to have that with a company. I’ve stayed in positions longer than I should have because of company loyalty. This place has blown that out of the water when someone I trained was made my supervisor. The only good thing, she lost that position as she didn’t have a clue about what she was doing. Then for the first time in my entire career life, I got written up as this ex-supervisor lied about me knowing something. I wasn’t even on the inpatient unit at that time, I was doing outpatient assessments and had no decision-making in this phase program! I informed my new supervisor that I would never be written up again!

My resume has been updated!

Happy New Year 🥳

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I was doing so well on my daily posting there for a while until… remember those new work updates? Well, hell.

Someone went on maternity leave, awesome go be a mom. I’m not being mean, go be a good mom. I was off with FMLA for 3 months after my open-heart triple bypass. But I also know how people felt about having to pick up my duties.

Anywho, she’s off. And honestly, I’m hoping she stays gone! We now have an Awesome supervisor that knows what she’s doing and backs us (her people) up! I know, she told me to stop doing what other people were demanding of me. And tell them to talk to her. She’s my supervisor, not them. I could feel my jaw hitting the floor. I’m finally able to do my job and that is making me happy, which makes me productive! She’s taken some responsibilities away from me to allow me to do my job. I have a lot of responsibilities to do, see new admissions, and do individual therapy and group therapy. Doesn’t sound like a lot until you’ve got more than two patients on the unit and only 8 hours to do everything.

Anywho, I started this on Saturday but I’ve maintained not posting on the weekends. So I’ve finished this up today. Happy Monday Morning!

Are we a ‘team’ or not?

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I love these new ‘Team’ groups, where everyone is supposed to work collaboratively! That is what I’ve always wanted to be part of here. It sounds awesome, right?

Here’s the problem,
My teammate is an Ass! “Oh, you’ve got this! And no I’m not going to send you an email to remind you! That’s NOT MY JOB!”

okay, I am a DAV with a TBI, I have made it known that I require people to send me texts/emails to remind me of important stuff. I have alarms set on my phone/watch so I ensure I’m where I need to be when I need to be there! And this person, once said, “Oh no worries, I can text/email you whenever you need it!” So which one is it, helpful or an Ass!

And here’s some Passive Aggressive behavior for you, I’m no longer going to email her when she needs to know something to do her job! Is that wrong? NO. Is it rude? Maybe. Is it Passive Aggressive, oh hell yes!

This is exactly what I’ve been putting up with for years. So, yeah, yay team! Means yay me! There is no I in teams, but there is a ME! yep!!

OI! I hate this feeling! I’ve mentioned before, I’m a Type A person, which means I like doing things correctly and when they aren’t done that way, it gives me stress. Which is bad, as I have heart issues! I don’t know why people won’t work with my known disabilities? This is nothing new!! These are Reasonable Accommodations!! So much for a TEAM!

So, after much emailing about her doing something ‘wrong.’ She brought me back a Pepsi as a Peace gesture! She’s still an ass, but she now knows she’s not infallible and she needs to compromise!! yep! So, yes, I’ve emailed her what she needs to be aware of. I’m not a complete ASS! just a smart one! LOL 😀

April 12th

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Ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️ it’s been a while since I’ve been able to blog. I was on the inpatient unit, which I thought I was doing well with. And then directly after I returned from bereavement leave for my Dad, I was informed they hired someone! It hadn’t been posted and I wasn’t given the opportunity to apply! Oh and the supervisor that hired her, is gone now and the HR person that was looking into my inquiry 🧐 gone now. And no one knows what the fuck I’m talking about. 🤦🏻‍♀️

So I still have my job there. But ya know?

Then I had to take MY VACATION TIME for a 3 day seminar as my supervisor told me NO! He wasn’t going to pay for it or allow paid time for it! This is the same dude that stated, “I don’t like you but I don’t have to. I just have to make sure I do my job.”

He doesn’t like me for Religious reasons. But I have no recourse according to the ex lawyer I spoke with. He’s an idiot x lawyer-no longer practicing and doesn’t have the ability to in Indiana anymore. But still wants to charge full prize and won’t talk to you until your card clears! Yes! I’m serious! And he’s condescending the entire time!

OMG It’s been f o r e v e r


I’ve been exceptionally busy since November 2019, when the powers that be decided to have me come back to the brick and mortar and do my job here in person. Let’s move forward to NOW! OMG! I’m now classified as an essential health care professional and in February this year, I was informed I now work on the IPU-inpatient unit. So, to clarify, I’m at work, NOT quarantined like everyone else! and I work on the inpatient unit! Today, I’m on call in my office because I have to catch up on the required E-Learnings. Required because they (powers) said so! Honestly, it’s all common sense to this Veteran! OH right, right! I was in the Army and learned this stuff there! Civilians, however, obviously need to learn this stuff! ugh, So I’m required to sacrifice -okay, insert drama llama here- hours to do this! and NO, I can not retrieve access to the company’s website from home to do this! SO! I’m in the building, but that’s groovy! it’s me by myself on the 1st floor, the support staff person in the basement- which is cool with me cause she goes from cranky to worse in a new york minute ugh, and then the inpatient unit is staffed with the Cool Peeps this weekend! *It’s not like any of them read my blog, so I can say the Cool Peeps!! The b team is cool too, but this is the A-Team this weekend! Boom BABY!

MY ANP aka Nurse Practioner bought masks for a majority of us, and I have bought 3 of them, 2 for me and 1 for Patrick for when he has to go out and do things. These are the bomb, 1-you can actually breathe with them on, 2-they’re lightweight, 3- there is a light metal that allows you to ‘pinch’ it close to your nose for complete correct coverage and 4-did I mention you can BREATHE with these on! They are much better made, high quality and low cost, all three masks are costing me, 12.00, that’s 4.00 each!! I will share the 411 on who makes them and if they are accepting orders outside of the local area!

They actually donated masks to the business but OMFG! GET THIS SHIT! someone (powers) decided that the INPATIENT UNIT workers, nurses, therapists, techs, and other related staff, did NOT need masks! WTF! let me spell that out; WHAT THE FUCK! they instead went to the maintenance people! who do not do face to face, one to one with people!! who the fuck decided that they need these masks!

Thankfully, Kelly knew who the mask makers were and ordered an amount for us to purchase from her! I’m grateful to her!! Truly!

Because supposedly, get this, we were given cloth masks that don’t adhere to any safety guideline and informed that we are to acquire 2 of them, and wash them daily! Blah blah blah! ugh

and here’s the drama llama for this post!

Images so far with Isis

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Isis is taking her supurrvisor position very seriously! As you can see from the photos:


And she needs to stretch a bit more!

She likes the beanie baby I gave her too! 

Patrick went to talk to our elderly neighbor earlier today and she let him pick me some of her lilies! So pretty on my desk and another pro for working at home. Fresh flowers! lol 😉 

Isis returns to check on me! 

And Dudes! She is completely stretched out and asleep on the back of my chair. I’m afraid to get up as I don’t want to accidentally knock her off. Oh man, I shouldn’t have had all that water. LOL 😀

Patrick is no help, I texted him for help!! 😀 Except for fixing me lunch and coffee!! so yeah 😉


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And the number 1 reason is?

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NO health issues tonight, I did not have to take any of my nitroglycerin tablets, I had no Anxiety attacks, my blood pressure has stayed at a normal level and I feel good! OMG! I haven’t felt this good about work in a long while!!  Seriously, my number one reason is my HEALTH!!! I have too many stressors in the building still. One of them will be quitting soon. 😉

it wasn’t this good, but damn it was pretty close! Having the kitties helping me out and rubbing on me, was a bonus, I don’t have at work!! it’s true though, the cats do help with my stress and blood pressure levels! I’ve taken measurements of my bp before and after playing with the kitties.



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YAY! I am finally able to work from home! We’re doing telehealth now.

I have lots of pros for this, I’m working from home! I get to spend time with Patrick longer before running off to go to work. We’re saving Gas Money!! The kitties are spending more time with mommy! Case in point:  Isis is helping me out! Or is she Hiding out? lol 🙂 either way, I get to watch the kitties and my blood pressure is doing really well tonight, hasn’t spiked once!

I’m in the comfort of my own home!! Always a bonus, and I’ll be able to drop to sleep as soon as I pass off and not worry about falling asleep when driving.

Yeah, I need to fix the lighting in here better. It is giving me a slight headache. But so far that is the only con! Well that and Patrick coming into my office and going what’cha doing? LOL I have been informing him of when not to come and bug me. He’s really good about that, but the kitties, they don’t care! plus who’re they going to tell? they keep my secrets! lol Basically the door stays shut or his door gets closed!! Cause the kitties don’t like closed doors, they are opened when I’m done with a consult. 😉


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more than one today!! LOL 😀

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