The picnic at work; June 23, 2016


I was captured by the wandering photographer and the pix were posted. I’m like “WHAT?” 😛

a true candid!! I was obviously not ready!!


and then she gave me a minute to compose myself. lol


at least they didn’t do one while I was eating, I hate those pix! ugh 😦
FYI tomorrow if Hubs doesn’t cut my head off, pix of moi as Wonder Woman!!

wooohooooo! ❤

Reviews; do you read them?

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I’m curious how many people view the reviews online about different services and places of business?

I do, but since this is a workman’s comp thingie, I don’t have a choice where I go! But interesting enough I’m not the only one to notice the receptionist’s attitude.

And yes, that quote is from hubs!!



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So… just had something happen that I’m not sure I’m able to talk about at this time… 😦




okay, feeling a lil better, and the boss dude has replied to my email, yeah, no posting about it now. 😦




so hm? what to do? 


think mischievous thoughts? 


work on my revision? yeah… 😉

And did you know that there appears to be an emoji for most anything?? LOL

Pick your emoji today!




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I found out what happens when I don’t post the IOTD early! lol just kidding! 😀

but oh my goodness I have been on the go since I got here and still finalizing stuff. Not always the best to be busy in my business…. ya know what I mean? But I still like it a lot. I like helping people. 😀

so IOTD up next!! and this time, thank you Witches of the Craft for my inspiration on this one!!



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So it’s been a couple of days, I’m feeling better. Still can’t remember squat about my accident, but according to some research I’ve been doing…that’s normal. Whoo-something about me is normal. wow! LOL 😀

I’m still without an ISP at the house, and lately after work, all I want to do is crawl into bed and relax. I don’t do manual heavy labor, but what I do do, can exhaust me.

As you’ve noticed, I changed the background etc. Will be changing my gravator shortly too. 🙂 I’m starting to get into the spirit of the holiday. I’ll snap a pic of my trees on my desk later. LOL Yes, more than one, I like to have a little winter wonderland on my desk. Duh, I’m weird. :p

I hope ya’ll are doing well…I miss doing the Nanowrimo, but I just haven’t felt like writing, and my plot bunnies-silly little furballs- are playing in the snow. And what the one I do have staring at me, well it’s a new bunny in a different area….to write what he wants or not? We’ll see, I miss writing. I just need to go back and re-read what I’ve written – WIPs- and see if I can remember where I was going with it. I do have some outlines on some of them. So that will help. But…we’ll see, otherwise I have a new paper tablet and a pen. Still love writing the old fashioned way on paper. I am trying to locate my notes on what I wrote for Halloween, and get them up soonish. OI!

Anywho…take care, drive carefully, stay warm and stay hydrated. Yes, you can still suffer from dehydration in the winter months. Till later… Peace!!

I’m only 1 person

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And I’m no longer able to move at lightening fast speed. Not if you want something done correctly and accurately.

but…guess I’m wrong about some things…

move it, move it, move it!!

oh good grief! I will so be looking forward to the 1700 chime today!!
and I will be stopping for a drink on the way home, Starbucks! I’m so, uh, non-alcoholic. lol

later, a much better less stressed blog entry. And right now, my stress level is at 20+ woot woot! Stress Alert, somethings going to blow! And I can hear my BP going up!! And feel it too! ugh 😦

OMG! it must be a full moon….


Okay just looked, and a full moon is right around the corner.

Let me just say, TGIF!! and I’m not on call on this weekend.

it has been a day!

I’m lucky, I got lunch in. and I’ve finally caught up with my paperwork. From two or three people that I’ve already seen. For once, I’m happy for a no-show on my scheduled appt tonight.

so…time to do the relaxation/breathing techniques that I share, and hope nothing else happens for the next forty minutes. After that, I’m done for the week, stick a fork in me! lol 😀

and I’m on days next week.

fixed the Header

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okay I have an issue with spelling! most all of my friend’s know that…

I used to have an issue with proofreading an email, making corrections in red, and then sending the corrected version back to the sender. Uh yeah!! I’m surprised I still have friends. lol 😀

I have stopped doing that. But on my own posts…yeah, I will drive myself nuts, spell checking. So when I signed onto my site from work this morning, and saw the old header with a big typo-spelling, I was like OMG! How did I miss THAT!

so I’m home and I have fixed it. No, it wasn’t the first thing I did. I’ve been doing other stuff, so I know I’m not as bad as I used to be. Bad still, but not all that bad. I mean, I no longer call stores, and tell them to go out and fix their signage. Yeah, been there, called it in. OY!!

and it’s funny when I IM with my best friend, I don’t care if we have typos, I’m usually tired, or my CTS is acting up, and whatever? We’re chatting…let it go. Sure, if I was really ‘on’ I’d be like, omg. And I have apologized for constant typo’s. But he gets me. I ramble on IM’s like I do in rl. LOL 😀

so anywho, it’s fixed. I am feeling better. Now, to go finish the proofreading of our story, and hopefully post it tonight. But no promises, my colleague at work was on vacation today, and I was busy. I’m mentally tired. Actually…I would rather go write on a wip, and proof this story-when I am more alert to do it. I hate not giving 100% to an endeavor. Which reminds me, I was discussing my work ethic with my boss today. I had a late lunch, and instead of taking an hour, I took the half hour I had left. It surprised him, if you take a late lunch and nothing is going on, take your full hour! I just about passed out. He realizes our job is stressful, and I need that full hour to decompress. So woot!! 😀

Ya’ll have a lovely evening. I’m enjoying the lovely snow that fell today. Time to go have some hot chocolate, and fire up my co-writer. “YOU READY, PINKY? Time to rum….write! not rumble. What? Oh yeah, maybe rumble our unruly plot bunnies!” LOL 😀

OMG! I need this coffee mug: Yes, they are usually doing the plot bunny dance on my head at that time.

I keep telling you all, there are plot bunny images on the internet. This is one of my favorites! 😀

and even videos??

2 out 5 completed


Yay! sorry but surely, I’m catching up on my paperwork. Except the website, just decided to throw me a monkey wrench. cie la vie.

it’ll all be okay! 🙂
I’m just happy I’m catching up!!


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Makes the world go round… Right?

okay, so most everyone that knows me, knows I’m a Wiccan. And uh, one of my favorite holidays is right around the corner. I know I’m not allowed to wear any of my pentacles or Wiccan jewelry to work. Fine. so be it.

But I’m not allowed to wear any jewelry that looks “New Agey” meaning, no crystals. That I’m at a complete loss of words for. Honestly!

However I can see people wearing the “Angel Wings” Nothing against Angels, I have a guardian one sometimes. But how can you deny me a crystal point, when others walk around with wings? I’m just asking. I know better than to take this to HR, they wear a crucifix. Still hakuna matata!

also I need a jewelry designer to help me out with a design I’ve got in my head. I love Rose Gold, and I want a rose gold pentacle. Cause yeah, I’m weird…whatever? I think it would be pretty. But…the design will disguise the fact that it’s a pentacle. See why I need help? LOL 🙂

updated: oooh, maybe a crystal point, with wings??? What do ya’ll think? 🙂

so Peace )0(

ps-if I can’t show my faith, why can others? quid pro quo.
Diversity is a beautiful thing, and not everyone on the Earth belongs to the same religious view point. I’m just saying….bummed out here. Next thing you know, my pumpkin on my desk will have to go.

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