Happy Wonder Woman Wednesday 

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Stargate Rewind August 12

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Hello, this weekend’s two episodes are:

aired: 16 Jan. 2004

aired: 23 Jan. 2004

it’s a Carter weekend!

Moi Health

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I’m just going to start! On July 22nd I started having chest pains and other symptoms. I asked Patrick to take me to the Marion VA ED-he knew it was bad if I was asking to go to the ED! So we get there and they take me in quickly and then I get berated (!) by coming to MY Nearest VA ED! they can’t do a fucking thing so they call an ambulance to transport me to MGH ED! well, there’s a complete asshole on there (ambulance) and I ask to not deal with him! We get to MGH and he’s still yelling at me! what the fuck ever asshole!

Finally, I know the ED staff at MGH! Yay! for working with them on a nightly basis. lol, They do their best to stabilize me! But they don’t have what I need either, so while sticking me on a Nitro drip in my IV they contact an ambulance to take me to St. Vincent’s heart hospital. so, I’m going to bitch here for a sec! Ambulances-what, no shock absorbers? and a 3-hour fucking drive? really? WTF! **This past week we’ve been going this route and it’s less than 2 hours!

Anywho I ended up staying in a little room in the ED there however it was quiet and the doc on duty said I’d speak to the surgeon in the morning and probably be in surgery! Patrick had gone home from MGH to check on JiJi and get some sleep. He came in early in the morning and the surgeon talked to him and me about the procedure. I signed the forms. Next thing I know I’m in a room and Patrick said that they finally put a stent in! “You had a 100% block! We were lucky!” He really likes the ST Vincent’s Heart Hospital, “they are competent and saved your life!” Plus other factors: how they included him in my treatment and treated him like a person, not a burden!

Timeline so far: 7/22-heart attack, 7/23-stent placed in surgery,  7/25-discharged from St. Vincent’s.
After I was discharged I’ve had appointments on a daily basis with the Indy VA! I’ll forego the discussion I had at work! (still a sore topic w/Patrick & I)

There have been some wicked cool moments in between the appointments! Like getting the new iPhone 7 S+ and saving a ton of moola with the best buy mobile dude, Xavier! Seriously, he saved me over 100.00 a month on my bill and the phone is only 27.00 a month added in. I’m still paying waaay less and I finally have a new phone. My last one was the iPhone 4! yep! lol

Anywho update with the VA cardiac surgeon! I like him, so does Patrick! He talked with us, not at us! Very Important! He listened to our concerns and discussed them with us. He told us the years experience he has at open heart surgery! I think 22 years! So Yes, I go in this Thursday 8/10 to sign the consent form for surgery! I completed a lot of the pre-surgery tests this past week and the Doppler on my veins was completed Friday!!

So for those that want to know, I’ll be having open heart surgery on 8/23! I’m hoping members of my Family-(cause Patrick’s isn’t all that!) will come down to the Indy VA to sit/keep Patrick company for the 6+ hours I’ll be in surgery! Thankfully the VA has a place for Patrick and me to stay the day before and he’ll be able to stay the entire time I’m admitted to the hospital! Apparently, I’ll be admitted for a week maybe longer depending on my recovery time! I’ll be exercised on a daily basis to get me back to strength as quickly and safely as possible!

I’ll be posting a link to my PayPal as well because I’m not working and neither is Patrick! so we’ll need gas and food money!  If you can donate please feel free! I wouldn’t ask if we didn’t need it! I don’t know when I’ll get FMLA payment from work either! 😦  ***Edited: the link doesn’t work- on Facebook or Twitter please PM me and I’ll give you my email to send/donate to me-Thank you in advance if you can!

so, for now, that’s all that’s happened and is getting ready to happen!

Take care of yourselves! Peace, love and hugs!

Happy Caturday with JiJi

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Stargate Rewind August 5

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Hello, this weekend’s two episodes are:

Evolution: Part 1
aired: 22 Aug. 2003

Evolution: Part 2
aired: 9 Jan. 2004


Stargate Rewind July 22

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Hello, this weekend’s two episodes are:

Avenger 2.0
aired: 8 Aug. 2003

aired: 15 Aug. 2003


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