Mercury Retrograde

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Courtesy of Magical Recipes Online

This retrograde will continue until October 1st, and the next one will occur from December 28 through January 18, 2023. Happy new year, huh?

OMG Email, an Accomplishment

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LOL, I have finally gotten my personal email inbox down to 7 emails I need to keep in the inbox! This is down from over 5000 + emails. Yep! I no longer have the time on a daily basis to read my personal emails as I have work emails to go through. So to me, this is an accomplishment. WOOHOO! I went from 3.47 to 3.28 which is .19 less than I started. And anyone that attempts to delete and never sees that top number go down it can be pretty frustrating when you start moving towards the allowed 15% free.

Now, how did I do it without deleting everything in a bulk deletion! LABELS are our friend! LOL if you have a google/ Gmail account then you can make a label and believe me, I just simplified my life by these labels. Bills-Paid and Bills-Due, E Receipts, Fics, Friends to respond to, Family, Work, VA Health, Workmen’s Comp, iPhone Tips, Pix or other cute stuff, Hair and Nail ideas, Wicca, and Miscellaneous. Then I went and put the emails into those labels. Okay, technically, my email is not all gone, it’s been organized into manageable labels. Easier to go through!! Technicalities, specialties. LOL

Oh, yeah, you can even have a label be nested under another label, for example, Work-nested Workmen’s Comp and Physical Therapy stuff. I love how easily GMAIL has simplified my life. Next up will be adding filters to my emails so that they automatically go into these folders. I’m positive I’ve done this before but when I switched my email to its current name, I didn’t have the time to get it all organized. Today is a good day to do it too!

It’s a Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde starts, it’s payday and I had no admissions overnight for me to do any documentation on. And I’m still on work restrictions so since I have to stay at my desk, ta*da! I’m organizing some things. Because on Monday, our IS (internet support) people are going to log in and do something…. right before I have 2 important Zoom Classes on Tuesday and Wednesday! They’ve paid for them. So, I hope they don’t mess up my computer! Apparently, I’m due to get a new work laptop as mine is ancient- over 5 years old. That’s ancient in tech stuff. LOL

Have a Great Weekend!

Trying out screen recording

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I finally read a tutorial that explained screen recording that made sense to me. So I’m posting my 1st attempt at screen recording.

I’m going to be trying to add audio on my next attempt. I’m just happy I was able to crop out the beginning and the top/bottom of the video. I’d show the before but I don’t have the space to post both.

Happy World Environment Day

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Only One Earth

From Google:

World Environment Day 2022

The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Only One Earth.’ This was also the slogan for the 1972 conference in Stockholm, where the annual global event was first instituted on June 5.

Happy Pride 🌈 month

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I’m still trying to come to terms after a few conversations with my provider on Thursday. Yesterday, I had some chest pains. Today I’ve been tired 😓 it’s an effort to do anything. I need to eat and I just can’t think 🤔 at the moment. I miss food delivery and no, I’m not paying extreme money for door dash 😳 I’ll just have to get up and push through like I always do! 

Happy Caturday with JiJi

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Happy Heart Day <3

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As someone that has had 2 heart attacks, 4 strokes, multiple TIA’s (mini strokes) and a Triple Bypass Surgery this is a pretty important day for me! I’m currently using a Rollator from the VA the F22 Rollator, not to be confused with the F22 Raptor- a wicked jet! 🙂 And hey, check it out, I still have my Smart Assy sense of humor or as I call it, my SASSY sense of humor! 🙂

I had a stroke on Saturday after excessive stress compounded by the loss of my mother on September 21, 2021. That’s why there were no posts about having a Blessed Mabon. We did go to Indianapolis on Saturday, September 25th to go see others of our Spiritual Preference-Wiccans and that was when I was noticing the symptoms. Patrick was driving and decided, “Hey, look we’re close to the VA.” so off we went.

I have Follow-Up Appointments this Friday and Monday! For my heart issues and my Vertigo issues. Patrick wants me to have an MRI or CAT scan done… I’ll let him talk to my providers and see what they say.

If you’re smoking, overweight and/or Diabetic please know you’re at higher risk of heart related issues.
I quit smoking 4 years ago and it is easier to breathe. I have been working on re-losing my weight, I gained some back after the surgery. And I’m definitely watching my blood sugar, A1C and exercising more. By exercising I mean walking. No more strenuous activity for me. I can’t find a local Tai Chi or Yoga group in this area!!! 😦

Take Care of yourself and go get your Covid Vaccinations! I’ve had both and I just got my Booster yesterday! Day before I got my influenza vaccination! I’m up to date on my immunizations!! woot!

Hello 👋🏻

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Oh it’s been an interesting month. 2 Cardiac Events, event because IMO they weren’t a heart attack but it felt pretty damn close. The doc at the ED thinks I’m having TIA’s again. Aka mini strokes. <sarcasm alert 🚨 > NICE!

So I’m having to reduce my stressors! Nuh huh! My job this week is nothing but stressors. Oh well I’ll be doing mini meditation 🧘🏼‍♀️ when possible and definitely reading!

Hubs is not amused! 😒 he’s keeping an eye on me and sending me cat 🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛ pix!

He reports they’re keeping him in bed for their amusement. I almost buy that. 😂

Have an awesome day! Namaste 🙏🏻

Wow 🤩

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My husband built this for me! No blueprints. It was all in his head. He builds like that. I’m always impressed with how professional his work is! The quality is high standard too, we’re both Veterans. I definitely feel safer now! And he bought me the pillows for my chair. This chair is uncomfortable AF! Not spine or ergonomic friendly!

Ordering online

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Once again, no one has what I need locally, or even within the state?!?!
So, let’s see how a dot com site does, they guarantee the first item in 2 days, the second item next week, the third item from a 3rd party seller by next week, and the fourth item from a 3rd party seller within the next 1-2 weeks. Okay, the pressure is on! I will be reviewing your site, walmart.com
Yep!! cheaper than Amazon with FREE DELIVERY!


ps WordPress, this ‘quick’ draft was lost- unavailable and unrecoverable! While in the old editor, amazing!! it was available and now I’m publishing it. 

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