I love writing. I can do it most anytime. But I’ve come to find out, that it is more fun, and sometimes the conversations are more realistic with a co-writer. Thank you Google Docs for real time writing with a partner. No more waiting on email replies.

yesterday was not the best day, and I wanted to write….my co-writer had the option to go out with real people for real social interaction. He decided to stay home, and write with me. aww! HUGS! and it worked, cheered me right up.

I write for lots of reasons, number one, it’s therapeutic for me. Number two, I have an active mind, that needs an outlet. Otherwise, I have stories that are stagnant in my mind. Now…I have an outlet for these ideas.

the original post on this I was working on, will still be posted, just not this weekend.
cause with a co-writer, there are other writing issues…any who, that post will be later. Right now, I’m just really happy that he’s writing with me. lol I still feel bad, but then again…I feel better. I
didn’t mean to be greedy, but I am. lol

thank you Stig!!