Okay so in between nano and real life I’ve been caught up on the whole debacle over the Red Starbuck’s cups. Honestly, this is a thing!?! I really don’t care what cup my coffee is in, as long as it’s what I ordered.

And I’m one of those people that are not Christian and do not say Merry Christmas aloud. I do however say Happy Holidays or another nice phrase. But honestly, at least I’m wishing you a happy holiday not telling you to go jump in a lake! Just me, I guess. And I don’t make a fuss when people decorate their offices with their religious beliefs. I keep my little forest of Seasonal trees and I’m good with that. It’s not like people take the time to 1) look up my holiday and then 2) wish me a Merry Yule or a Merry Solstice. I’m fine with that. To each their own.

Okay so can we get back to stuff that makes sense to me. OOOH I think I need more coffee! And for the record I use my own cup. If it’s really that big of a deal to you, use your own mug! Just a thought.