I’m in the mood for some inspiration. So what to do??

oooooh! I KNOW! lets youtube.com it!! Yep!

First up, the new Avenger’s trailer and then some X-Men!

if you’re going to write a BAMF character, you need some BAMF inspiration….


A feline/human hybrid aka Tigra1407704-tigra1300

inspiration for how to really dig those fangs into a story! 😉


An Alien Cat race in Trek! yep, major inspiration here.


if you’ve watched Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter or Helen Magnus, honestly, Magnus is my fave of the two!! ❤

get thee to watch Sanctuary, it’s bloody brilliant!! 😀


this one should be painfully obvious… 😉


along with this one



oh yes, I learnt sarcasm and bossiness aka life skills early in life! 😉

She might not be your idea of a role model, but she’s better than those K named people. Yeah, NO! I won’t print their name so as not to give any more internet Klout to them. 😉

lucy-van-pelt-quote-all-i-need-is-a-little-love-now-and-then-but-some tumblr_lettovCMMg1qcinr2o1_1280


okay, inspiration is flowing… now time to go revise/write. 😉


ps-someone wanted the captions above the pix… better? LOL 😉