Saturday, the 22nd of November, 2014 is the 326th day in 2014 and in the 47th calendar week.
General Events:
Go For a Ride Day
November 22, 2014 in the World
Go For a Ride Day is celebrated on November 22, 2014. It is a day to get out into the world and take a ride. You don’t need a destination – just follow your nose!
The greatest thing about Go for a Ride Day is that there is no one, right way to celebrate it. At the end of the day, what’s being celebrated is the freedom that the development of transportation has afforded us, and this is what we should take care to enjoy on this day. What is your favorite mode of transportation? Depending on where you live in the world, you could spend this day traveling somewhere into the unknown by boat, plane, helicopter, car, motorcycle, rollerskates, skateboard, or even more old-fashioned modes of transport, like by horse, sleigh, or horse-drawn carriage. How you travel doesn’t matter, as long as you celebrate the free spirit of the day. In fact, you may just want to put on your most comfortable shoes and go for a walk in the mountains or the countryside. Pack a lunch, take the family if you wish, and spend the day walking, talking and enjoying nature instead of answering endless phone calls and messages. If you decide to go by car, fill up your tank and go someplace you haven’t gone before. Perhaps there is a lake some distance away from your town or city where you used to spend vacations as a child, that you haven’t been to in years? Go there, and spend part of the day enjoying nature and your childhood memories, maybe do a little fishing. If you have a boat, use it to spend some time out on the peaceful water, just floating around and and daydreaming. And if you live in a place where air tickets are relatively cheap, like Europe, for instance, take a one-day trip to the capital of another country! Walk the cobblestone streets, try the local specialties and enjoy being in an entirely new place. However you decide to celebrate Go for a Ride Day, make sure it is a celebration of freedom and the open road!
Where is Go For a Ride Day?
National Adoption Day
November 22, 2014 in the USA
National Adoption Day is celebrated on November 22, 2014. On National Adoption Day, a number of courts and communities in the United States come together to finalize thousands of adoptions of children from foster care. More than 300 events are held each year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving in November, in all 50 US states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico to finalize the adoptions of children in foster care. In total, more than 40,000 children have been adopted from foster care on National Adoption Day. National Adoption Day was started in 2000 by a Coalition of national partners.
Where is National Adoption Day?
Nationwide USA
Survivors of Suicide Day
November 22, 2014 in the USA
National Survivors of Suicide Day is celebrated on November 22, 2014. National Survivors of Suicide Day was designated by the United States Congress as a day when the friends and family of those who have died by suicide can join together for healing and support. This day always falls on the Saturday before American Thanksgiving. In 1999, Senator Harry Reid introduced a resolution to the United States Senate which led to the creation of National Survivors of Suicide Day. Reid is a survivor of his father’s suicide. As citizens of other countries began observing the day in their local communities, it was renamed as International Survivors of Suicide Day. Every year, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention sponsors International Survivors of Suicide Day, a program that unites survivors of suicide loss across the world. At events in hundreds of cities spanning 6 continents, survivors of suicide loss gather together to remember their loved ones and offer each other support. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention produces a program shown at these events that features personal stories and advice from other survivors and psychiatric professionals. These events help survivors cope with the tragedy of losing someone to suicide.
Where is National Survivors of Suicide Day?
Nationwide USA
Natural Events:
November New Moon
November 22, 2014 in EST Eastern Standard Time / UTC-05
On November 22, 2014 the moon reaches its minimum brightness. Therefore it is called new moon. In astronomical terminology, the phrase new moon is the lunar phase that occurs when the Moon, in its monthly orbital motion around Earth, lies between Earth and the Sun, and is therefore in conjunction with the Sun as seen from Earth. At this time, the dark (unilluminated) portion of the Moon faces almost directly toward Earth, so that the Moon is not visible to the naked eye.
The original meaning of the phrase new moon was the first visible crescent of the Moon, after conjunction with the Sun. This takes place over the western horizon in a brief period between sunset and moonset, and therefore the precise time and even the date of the appearance of the new moon by this definition will be influenced by the geographical location of the observer. The astronomical new moon, sometimes known as the dark moon to avoid confusion, occurs by definition at the moment of conjunction in ecliptic longitude with the Sun, when the Moon is invisible from the Earth. This moment is unique and does not depend on location, and under certain circumstances it is coincident with a solar eclipse.
Where is November New Moon?
EST Eastern Standard Time / UTC-05
Historical Events on 22nd November:
845 – 845 : the first King of all Brittany, Nominoe defeats the Frankish king Charles the Bald at the Battle of Ballon near Redon.
1497 – Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama rounds Cape of Good Hope on way to first voyage from Europe to reach India
1699 – Treaty of Preobrasjensku Denmark/Russia/Saksen/Poland divide Sweden
1842 – Mount St Helens in Washington erupts
1906 – International Radio Telecommunications Com adopts “SOS” as new call for help
1924 – Britain orders Egyptians out of Sudan
1932 – Pump patented that computes quantity & price delivered
1943 – France officially recognises the independence of Lebanon, releasing the imprison Lebanese government
1963 – American President John F. Kennedy assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas
1968 – 1st interracial TV kiss (Star Trek-Kirk & Uhura)
1974 – UN General Assembly recognizes Palestine right to sovereignty
1977 – First three nodes of the ARPAnet are connected, in what would eventually become the Internet.
1989 – Conjunction of Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn & Moon
1995 – Toy Story is released as the first feature-length film created completely using computer-generated imagery.
2002 – In Nigeria, more than 100 people are killed at an attack aimed at the contestants of the Miss World contest.