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The overnight part is getting easier. Now let’s hope the sleeping schedule gets better. 😉

and in other news the revision of my story is ugh… 😦 I’m seeing things that I’m like, what was I thinking?

I’m thinking of making a copy and rewriting large bits of it. What I’m reading right now, I’m just not happy with. I can tell I was in a different headspace when I wrote it. But will I scratch the whole story? NO! I just need to do some major revision and add in some stuff. It just feels off from my character and the other characters in the story. 😦

so hopefully tomorrow, I mean today… wow! that is still going to take some getting used to. lol 🙂

I can make the copy and see if I can get ahold of my beta reader, I need a second opinion before I scuttle a lot of bits… Writing can be easy, however, it’s in the re-reading and then revision, revision and oh yeah, some more revision. 😉 Good writing, on the other hand, appears to take a bit of work, effort and loads of patience with oneself.

I’m learning. A phrase my grandmother used to say to me, learning takes patience and time. I’m understanding that now.

Cool, my philosophical nature seems to like this new shift too.  😛 hee hee

So until later, sweet dreams to me, and Good Morning to you!! Have a Beautiful Day!

Indy Canal Sunrise-S




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Might be over and woohoo I did win! However I’m still working on the story and then this next month I’ll be working on editing and revision stuff. I keep thinking of things to add to the story and guess what? That just means I’ll have a third story for Alex! 😉

And today I’ll be working on the story to finish it up and get ready to proof. 😉

I hope a few are looking forward to it.

Have a lovely Caturday!



NANO day 20

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nano day 20

decided I better ‘cap’ before midnight. 😉 and I’m taking a break. I’ve reached an area that I can do easy or make it interesting. I’m shooting for the interesting angle. 😉 till later. I think I smell popcorn and a movie next! lol

Break time aka running an errand

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So we’ve decided that food is important and we’re going on a grocery run! We being hubs and I. 😉

I’ve done pretty well so far this morning, I’m at 1,211 words written already- not a lot because I’ve been doing research and translation on English to Latin words. Yes, I do do research on my stories. While I’m not completely 100% accurate, at least I give the research my 100%! 😉

Which leaves me to 3,492 words to WIN! And that is just for the word count! The story is not close to being finished yet. I’m on Chapter Thirty-Five, with 195 pages!

Last year’s story was: 34 Chapters and 216 pages long.

I believe this story will end up longer with more chapters and a higher page count.

I think this year titling the Chapters has not only helped my word count but has increased my ability to keep focused on each chapter. So yay! I like to think that each year I participate in a NaNoWriMo it helps my writing ability. I critique myself and honestly that just helps me become a better writer. 😀

And so now, time to get up stretch and go grocery shopping. I hope you’re having a lovely Friday!

Nano update 11/19/15

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11-19-15 nano

NaNo 11/18/15 woot!!

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Was able to write for a bit yesterday, made it to 40421 words yesterday before I got uber busy at work. And then I was sooo tired I didn’t cap it last night. so.. here it is this morning! 😉




I really don’t know about the rest of ya’ll, but I am enjoying watching that little red bar go across my nano widget counter. To me though it’s more about, “Wow! I’ve been writing nearly every day for the past two weeks and I’m already near the count! WooHOOO!” I’m even starting to get an idea for the end of this story.

not everyone is going to like me, yep. You guessed it. Room for another adventure. Yes! lol

will I make everyone wait a year till next NaNoWriMo, probably. LOL I will be working on the outline, and little notes here and there, but I seem to do my best writing under this deadline. 😉

am I the only one?

laters xoxo

NANO day sixteen

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I skipped a day yesterday, I just wasn’t feeling motivated and then had a headache-again. OI sinus suck!

But I was able to start back in again today and did pretty well word wise: 2,523!!


it’s two am…

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and I think I better go to sleep… I’ve got an awesome jump on the count tomorrow- well okay today-1,237, and have completed two chapters instead of the one I was going for.

Set the scene for the next chapter. And I might have to break that last chapter down to two separate ones. 😉

so sweet dreams ya’ll!

I’ll post an IOTD tomorrow but it won’t be till I’m awake and I’m not setting an alarm tonight. lol 😛


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