But let’s not forget why we have today off; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (yeah, I like wiki for quick info)

Me, I did sleep in, felt great! 🙂 Got the main comp to operate, so I’m painting in Photoshop, playing Vampire Wars on Facebook, and watching Crusade on my iPad.
ah, technology is fun. Allows me to email friends far away, IM same. And while I’m playing on the main comp. My iPad is playing movies/television shows I have downloaded. I like it!

And for those that are fellow SciFi geeks, you might have heard of Crusade. If not click the link that I put in. A spin off of Babylon 5. I am a Star Trek fan, but never got into Deep Space Nine or Voyager, I was watching Babylon 5. And enjoying it immensely.

The Beginning with Commander Sinclair

The Shadow War with Captain Sheridan

Legend of the Rangers


Interesting review;

So please remember the reason, why we are off work today- if you are. And enjoy!!
take care!