Steps to being positive

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Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. ~Willie Nelson

Choose happiness. This is a decision you consciously make. If you decide to be happy, it helps put you in the mindset to be happy.

Have a grateful outlook. Be thankful for what you have, not what you don’t have. Be grateful for those in your life.

Perspective! Changing how you say/look at things. Instead of having problems, change it to issues or challenges. If you can change how you say/view things, it helps bring the issue down to a manageable size. Whereas saying you have a problem makes it feel much larger than it may be.

Life’s a journey! Change your perspective on how you view your life, it’s a journey! I don’t know about you, but I look forward to new and different journeys, think vacations. 😉 This is a time to think of new adventures, and different outlooks. Each day is now a day to look forward to.

Stop and smell the coffee! no, okay flowers! lol 😀 Seriously, stop and enjoy the little things in your life. You don’t always have to rush rush rush! Stop!! Take some time for yourself. Be more mindful of what is happening at this moment, it won’t happen again. So stop and embrace it.

Begin your journey daily on a positive note! 😀 Find a few minutes in the morning and think about what you have to look forward to in your day. Are you going to be doing something new? Think about the positives in that. What else do you have to look forward to in your day?

Be more Positive Aware!! Look for more positive things happening around you, in your social media, with your family, friends. Once you start noticing them, it is easier to help focus on the positive and not the negative.

***I myself, find that trimming my social lists down to positive focused people and things help a LOT!! If you are not being inundated with negativity. That helps!!

Now all of this sounds good, and I don’t expect anyone to just jump right in. So. Start small and work your way up to all the steps. And you aren’t guaranteed a good day every day, but if you’re doing all of this, and practicing your positivity skills, then the negativity is not as bad as it once was. For example, at one point if I was having a bad moment, then my whole day was off. Well okay. We all have bad moments, it’s learning not to let that one moment ruin the rest of your day.  Go back and think of all the things you have to be grateful for, think about all the positives you have going for yourself.  Brush yourself off, and move on. The more you can do this, the more it becomes second nature and soon enough you’ll feel much better. Be sure to tell your friends when they ask you, “How did you do it?” what you’ve done. Helping others is another good way to be happy and positive. 😉

Social media 7 day challenge

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OI! there is a lot of bad and negative posting on social media these days. I’ve trimmed a lot of people from my watch lists, etc. But still… So what can we do as individuals, stop perpetuating the negativity. Don’t post it, don’t reshare it, or retweet it.

Or you can stay off social media. Which is not as easy as it sounds for some. I can take it or leave it somedays. 😉

Or you can do what I’m doing, not sharing or posting any negativity for seven days. Try to post only positive, uplifting or cute pix. Sounds to easy, right. So comment if you’re in, and we’ll support each other.

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