And what a beautiful day it is, the sun is shining!! 😀

And it’s national souffle day, lol. Yeah, I can’t cook one either.

Me, the line up for the day; go through closets, do some laundry, rearrange some things in my room, watch a few Buffy eps- relax for a bit. And then…woot! Do some more writing.

Oh yeah and post a few pix with an entry later. I was finally able to pick up Hubs birthday presents! His bday was the ninth. But he loves the presents, so def was worth the wait. And I got a few little presents for being patient the other day. Meaning, I didn’t whine, and I was nice to ppl I was supposed to be nice too. And boy that was a little hard. It’s kind of difficult to be nice to ppl that aren’t nice to you, and it seems that they go out of their way to provoke you. I stayed calm and balanced. Woot!

Have a beautiful day!