As you’ve noticed today, I’ve been re-blogging some interesting articles from my fellow bloggers! I’ve found some more and I’ll probably doing some more sharing. So then, what’s my challenge for you?

Easy! 😉 I’d like to see some other blogs…but what the monkeys might think is interesting may not work for me. So I follow ya’ll for a reason, share at least three other blogs a day. Leave a comment here and guess what? You’ll get a special award thingie I’ve yet made for your blog. If you want? This is a challenge and it’s to share what we like and to engage with our fellow bloggers. I like to engage. (Trek pun intended, if you got it. lol) So go on and start re-blogging some interesting articles, tag me or leave a comment to me that you have and I’ll take a lookie!

Again, you can do one a day or three a day, one day a week or whenever… just engage with your fellow bloggers. Imagine how happy you’ll be for sharing the love of blogging! ❤ yay! 😀

"Blog" button

Back in the day, there used to be a #FollowFriday on the social sites and I used to do that on my old blog city blog. I guess I kind of miss that. 😉 Peace!


ps- ya’ll are awesome I know you can do this!