30 Day Pagan Journaling challenge: **Corrected** Days 1-3 and Day 4!

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Yeah, I realized that I had read the numbers wrong, I had issues seeing the numbers on the photo! oops! So today I’m correcting and putting Days One through Four here, I’ll re-edit the others and repost on their respective days! OI! FYI: I am substituting, Wiccan for Pagan, in my personal entries! 😉

Day 1: How do I see myself as a Wiccan?

That’s not an easy question.  I know it’s more than wearing a pentacle, and a black outfit with a cloak. I actually don’t have a cloak. 😉  I think for me, it’s definitely more internal, I see myself as less prone to getting angry and yet, with more responsibilities and ethics than a normal person. Every choice or decision has an outcome or repercussions-if you will. Some days I don’t have time to debate every choice in my head and thankfully I’ve years of being a Witch and can make a  quick decision. So for me, I see myself as a more responsible person.

Day 2: How did I become Wiccan?

Honestly, I just accepted I was a Witch, as I am Heredity! So I just had to accept and announce to the Goddess!

Day 3:  Why did I become Wiccan?

This is a bit longer.  There are two things that stand out to me when asked this question-not the first time it’s been asked of me. 1- I tried to be a good Catholic girl, went to Sunday school, taught bible class, etcetera! Until one day a priest told me angrily, I was going to HELL! So, I decided to think logically and review some things before I was to confirm. (Those in the Catholic faith know what it is to confirm.)  I discussed with my dad and a few other people that I respected. The one thing that kept popping in my head, ‘You’re made in Gods image.’ really? So God’s a Woman! Okay, and then that same priest called me a heretic! Okay, I am! And I changed my faith to that of the Goddess!

Day 4: What does a typical day look like for me through Wiccan eyes?

Huh? I’m going to try really hard not to be sarcastic here! 

I’m on medical leave from work. So I’m going to go with what a typical day now looks like! Rest, relax, and take it easy! I’ve been able to read more, study some things and play with my cat, JiJi. It’s true by the way, Cats do reduce your blood pressure. I’ve taken mine before and after playing with JiJi! I’ve also decided that until I am closer to 100% better I am not doing any spell work! However, I have been planning on some Samhain things. Patrick and I are ready to start decorating. JiJi started the other day and was knocking the spring/summer flowers off the tables! Instead of getting upset I just laughed and so did Patrick.  So a typical day through Wiccan eyes these days are practicing my breathing exercises, my patience and working on healing!


umm, oops on the 30 day Pagan Challenge

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OOPS! I’ve been looking at the challenge pages again, and just realized that I had Day 11, 12, and 13 as my day 1, 2 and 3!

So, how do I correct that? Well, I’m going to start today and put the correct 1, 2, 3 and 4 in order in today’s entry! Probably be starting that soon too, as it has a lot thinking for me to do. I’ll be editing the others with the correct days and re-posting them! So that way I don’t miss a day! confused? yeah, I know, sorry! the numbers were hard to read on my phone with the photo behind them. OI! 😦

30 Day Pagan Journaling challenge: Day 3

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You can find the challenge here on Instagram,  30 day Pagan journaling challenge

3. What are my least favorite spells to do and why?

LOL 😀 Well if they aren’t my favorite why would I do them, answer, I don’t!  If I don’t want to do a spell I don’t!  My spells take a deal of preparation, motivation, and will power! So I don’t do them all willy nilly!

Now, how about those annoying questions from ppl that find out I’m a Witch, can you/will you do a love spell, money spell, turn ppl into a Frog? OMG! I’m a witch, not your personal ATM, and love spells, remember and it harms none! so yeah, no! Guess what that person you can’t live without, can live without you and you really can live without them…don’t bind yourself to a crush-1 it’s stupid, 2 it never works out, 3 there’s someone better out there for you! And as to the request to turn someone into a Frog? Really? Why would I do that for someone? I wouldn’t! You have an issue with them, I don’t! Be an adult and go deal with it!!

“An it harm none, do what thou wilt.”

**updated! Don’t know why the one paragraph appeared twice? I only typed it out once! 🙃

woohoo oh yeah! LOL

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September Calendars have finally been completed!! And we have two this month- thank you to my #1 Minion, Bunneh Sue for the request of the Supernatural calendar! I hope you and the person you requested it for likes it. 🙂

Yesterday was a day of technology glitches- IMO! 😛  But I’m still thinking and working on my project too. I think I have a bit of a work-around. Not big…but still okay! 😀 I just need to find one of my mini external drives to save the stuff on one of my older blogs before deleting pretty much all the content. :0 yeah…pretty drastic. But… sometimes you have to destroy something to create something better. I know, I have a weird perspective on things.

And up next, hopefully the calendar of the day, and the image of the day! Enjoy your Wednesday! If you’re near the storms that I’ve seen, be careful and stay calm!! 😀 xoxo

It’s Friday and YAY!!!

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I have been looking forward to today!!
I finally have my appointment with the Tech Monkeys tomorrow, and then hopefully I can start doing my digital artwork again. And yes, first thing I’m doing is backing up my wip’s, my personal templates, my brushes-I made for PS, and the scads of fonts! I do a lot of various digital art. I’ve even enjoyed making digital scrapbook pages, printing them out and then having them bound. I can do it for less than a mass market company and while it’s not as ‘quality’ as they offer, they are my creation. 🙂

This week hasn’t been as overwhelming as the past couple of weeks, but it’s near the end of the month, and that means it’s time to do some things that I normally procrastinate on. Getting stuff done in a timely manner, and I don’t have the excuse, but the computer is dead. lol 😛

And OOOOOOOH!! For any other Social Workers out there, that are preparing for their licensing tests, and omg you are fortunate like me to have an iPhone or iPad (or both) there is a free APP- well it’s FREE till Noon today (CST) http://appsgonefree.getapp.cc/app/US/599395631

Get the AppsGoneFree iPhone app by visiting http://itunes.com/apps/appsgonefree

so have a beautiful and awesome weekend! Stay hydrated, stay cool, and Have Fun!! 😀

how many??

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I haven’t had a good venting session blog entry in a while… but yeah…I’m still going to try and put a positive spin on this rant. Because when I whine, I DO get organized and I DO do something about it.

How many people does it take to implode a group? One
Distrust mainly. They said, she said, he said, and so on and so on. OI!

How many people does it take to get a group back to status quo?
All of them!!

However that is NOT what happened. I am not answering PM’s to any individual person anymore, about this subject, I’m just going to go public. Easier in my opinion. And blah blah blah…. no names of any particular person is named. So. 🙂

So what did happen? a group imploded.

The mod’s got together and discussed it, we had three options; ban the person, write up guidelines-to bring the group back on topic, or three- push the button & turn off the lights when the last person left.

We went with option two first. Which backfired spectacularly! So many people started whining, bitching and “What happened to free speech?” Well what happened to the camaraderie, the friendliness… and the ‘attacks’ on people that were done via PM’s. Hmm? Ya’ll didn’t see those did you? NO! And honestly it wasn’t meant to be seen by you, or the person would’ve had the cojones to put on the group itself.

anyhow, that really is the gist of it, we tried to save a group, ppl railed back, and I’m more than willing to list the guidelines we had listed. I personally think they should be used on a number of groups, but that’s my opinion.

And NOW that’s the end of it. I have more important things to do with my time, then moan and groan over a facebook group. Yes, it’s nice to have friends. But at the expense of my sanity- repeated email’s, PM’s, ppl posting on my wall…some were demanding, and I deleted and unfriended them. I don’t take well to demands!! Oh right, I don’t know anyone who does, actually.

And if this post makes you want to unfriend me, then so be it. However, let’s look back at the “What happened to free speech?” And fyi, I’m not hurting anyone…unless the person has a guilty conscience. So…blah blah blah! And that’s it!!

fyi, I do reserve the right to delete flamy remarks on my blog.

Have an awesome day! And let’s get back to the fun!! No seriously, F U N ! I need that.

And what a Friday it looks to be…


The dark clouds are moving in slowly, there’s a line of them outside of my office window. I think it’s beautiful in a way. A little unknown fact about me, I Love Storms!! I do. And I can feel the energy building up inside of me. The migraine is slowly receding. So it’s looking to be a beautiful day for me.

and one small lil teeny rant; If you have ‘unlimited’ data, how can you reach a limit?? I’m not able to post on twitter, facebook or even here from my phone. waaah 😦 the wifi in the building is centralized to one location and it blocks the fun stuff, i.e. facebook and twitter. 😛

And I’m looking at my gravatar, think I need to change it… oops random thought there. lol

the calendars have all been posted, and I’m not going to password protect them. I believe we’re all adults here. If something offends you, then don’t look. Otherwise, enjoy! 🙂

till later, Have an Awesome Friday!!

Short week

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And woohoo I accomplished my goal for the holiday weekend. I did nothing! Well you know, nothing majorly important. Still did the Domestic Goddess Gig, and I tried to lay out and get sun burnt. Okay, yes, no tanning is bad for you. And getting sun burnt is very bad for you. But honestly, I just wanted to sit outside, soak up some of the heat and read peacefully.

Saturday was the day, I slathered on some sunblock, yes it was cloudly overhead, but you can actually get burnt on cloudy days. The UV A/B rays still come through the clouds. Owies!! So wear your sunscreen on cloudy days. But it was nice and warm out, grabbed a book, my ipod and headphones and some water. Had the ipod set to classical, the book was the newest by Yasmine Galenorn of the Otherworld series. And ahhhhh! It was peaceful! And I didn’t fall asleep and get burnt.

After that nice break, I went inside, and we had a mini movie marathon, Adam Sandler was the actor and we watched Grownups, Hotel Transylvania, and Little Nicky.

I think I went to bed around 1 am. And then on Sunday, it was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. Except I stayed inside as it was a little rainy, so I finished my book on the couch. And then being someone that doesn’t really do the whole relaxation thing well. I grabbed my iPad and started working on June’s photo calendars. I had planned to do four of them for various groups I belong to on Facebook. One of Joe Flanigan, Paul McGillion, Kavan Smith and then one for my secret group. The reference model I use for Briana, Alice Goodwin- you might have heard of her. She’s pretty popular with the UK ppl, she’s a model for Zoo magazine and their website. Very lovely woman.

Then I took a nap, because naps are good for you. And spent the rest of the day being lazy and watching Stargate SG:1 episodes. Research, seriously, I’m doing a story in the Stargate Universe, and I’m thorough on my research. LOL 😀

Monday, slept in. Number one priority there. I’m usually up around 4 am. An hour and a half before my alarm goes off. I lie there and just do some meditation as the alarm starts it’s cadence. Then I start moving around. It’s nice just lying there and letting my thoughts get some focus before taking on the world. I did work on the calendars some more. I even had them finished by late afternoon. And that was even with me distracting myself. “Ooooh, I need this. No wait, maybe that.” I have the cutest arguments in my head with myself when working on creative stuff. LOL 😛 But Monday was a true do nothing day! And for once, I didn’t feel guilty about it. I’m used to doing stuff every day, and yesterday I didn’t do anything but what I wanted. I actually ran out of time doing nothing. LOL I was just starting to work on re-editing my outline for the story I’m working on, and noticed it was time for bed. Yeah, that 4 am comes awfully early. And I’m on days this week, so I needed some sleep. oooh forgot, I also posted some stuff on my deviant art page. I was finally able to get the iPad and the site to work together for a change. LOL

All in all, it was a nice relaxing weekend, no real drama, no whiny stuff. Just quiet and peaceful. Well for me, it was quiet and peaceful. LOL Hubs was busy doing yard stuff, and work stuff himself. And he had drama. But I’m keeping my mouth shut, and not saying those four little words (I told you so.). Because honestly, I feel bad that what happened happened. But sometimes people have to experience things on their own. No matter how much you want to protect them from the same painfulness you might have had when you went through something similar. ~le sigh~

I hope ya’ll had a wonderful weekend.
For those that watch the greatest spectacle in Racing, hope it was good! I know that Brazil’s Tony Kanaan won. And you know you watch a lot of Science Fiction when the name reminds you of a character in one of the shows. LOL Congratulations to him!!

Have a beautiful day! Stay safe!
And for those in Indiana, I love this website for my weather!
Paul Poteet I watch his video every morning. And if you’re on Facebook, he’s there too! Giving his updates. Check Paul out. (No, I’m not a sponsor lol)


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OI and woohoo! I love receiving email’s from friends and family. But omg! I have some that go back to 2011, for a grand total of, drumroll please- 1200! Doesn’t sound like a lot does it? LOL :p

And since a lot of them are from 2011, obviously they no longer expect a reply, I might reply to some, but we’ll see. I’m actually going through and reading them. Archiving those I want to keep, Starring others so I know that they are important. Until I get a working desktop again, I’m looking at one of my larger external harddrives to save them too. Well the content in them. I have attachments of art, wip’s, pdf’s and other stuff that I feel is important.

Spring cleaning is in the air at the moment for me, and while I’ve done some physical cleaning, it now draws to the electronic cleaning, and why I mentioned all the email’s. We tend to have clutter in our lives and do not realize what is and what isn’t clutter. Email’s while necessary in some situations, are still clutter imo. And to have this many…OI! No wonder some days I feel overwhelmed when I sign into my account. So today and tomorrow are go through and delete as many as I can, reply to those that require a response, and save the images that I really want. Print off the pdf’s, punch them for a three ring binder, and read them. Trash what I don’t need and if I really want to keep the pdf – fine, then get it bound and put it on my bookshelf.

How many of you feel overwhelmed some days with all the electronic stuff; email’s, facebook-including PM’s, and all the other stuff. I belong to a few forums and well, I haven’t had time to visit any of them in the past couple of months. But… it’s just the way things are at the mo. When I can, I’ll go back, and say HI! Until then… I’ll be going through all my email’s, reviewing what needs to be kept, what I want to keep, and move on.

I’ve been feeling the blues, and part of my treatment is to unclutter my life. Get back to writing, and re-connecting with friends. I’ve started writing again, yay! I’m still in a bit of a snag in my story at the mo, and it might go another direction, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some of my better writing has come from spur of the moment stuff. So we’ll see. Today is the first step at uncluttering some things, and then when that is accomplished, see about reconnecting with people. I’ve downloaded a twitter app for the iPhone, as I lost the other apps when I upgraded phones. weirdness if you ask me, but there was that whole issue with the iTunes I had for over seven months. So it was bound to happen. But yes, I’m back on Twitter. Tweet Tweet! Still don’t know how active I’ll be on there. When I first started, it was to RP- roleplay- with a group. That group has since disbanded, and I’m still a little perplexed at how some of the individual’s treated me afterwards. Oh well, their loss. I’m not going to sit and cry about it. It is what it is, and it’s done. But I do miss roleplaying online. Now however, I turn to writing to get that out of my system, and some days it works better. Even when I’ve hit a bit of a snag. 🙂

Oh and yes, I am on call today and tomorrow, and I am in my office and doing my email de-cluttering here. Nice, quiet, peaceful, no distractions…well you know. But still all in all, it’s a nice day. I have a pot of coffee to myself- that can be seen as good and/or bad. LOL 😛 And so far the weather outside my window is nice. Plus I have a great parking spot today, right outside the front door, if the weather does turn bad.

I hope ya’ll are having a great day!!

**Updated to correct a few spelling errors. 😀

time to redecorate

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I’ll be updating the theme, the gravitar and other stuff later today/tonight.

and woohooo! I’ve had a new ISP since before Christmas. However I’ve been so busy with work, having a stupid flu and fibro flare-ups, I’ve been off the net. Unless you count being on facebook via an app being on the net? LOL 😛

I hope ya’ll have had a wonderful Christmas, Holiday season.

I’ll post some of the goodies I received. Mainly practical stuff. I like it that way. 🙂

So…enjoy the last day of the year! Stay warm!!

who wants a link on here to my fb page?? Leave comments! 🙂

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