So most people know that I’m a therapist, and I love games!! But what most people don’t know is that I like creating games! 😀
I have created three little games with a Stargate flare. Nothing majorly serious, this is for fun, and to keep our brains sharp, share our nerdiness with people that appreciate and get ‘it!’ The number rule of my games, “HAVE FUN!” if it ain’t fun, don’t play. Or give me helpful criticism to improve it.
And where does the therapy angle come in?? Well, most of my friends, aren’t stargate fans. IKR?? But yeah, they are fans of other scifi shows and we share love of other nerdy fun stuff, like comics! And books!! Most of my nerdy friends, love to read, write and can go for hours on discussing our fave shows/actors. Hey, it’s fun! If not for you, no worries. I’m sure you have something equally fun that you enjoy with your friends. Live and let live! 😀 The therapy part comes in when those that don’t know the subject matter ask others in the groups for help. See you get to play, interact with others and maybe win a virtual prize… still debating on prizes? I just like to play to play and have fun! 😀

so first up; Flanigan Shenanigan’s; I post pix of Joe Flanigan and you answer the question.
New one’s: Kravin Kavan; again I post pix, and you answer the questions. Most are based on Character’s he’s played. 😀
Wormhole Wonders; I’m posting pix of various stargate actors/actresses, and again, asking questions. What is this from, how many Stargate actors are in this show/movie, and then the bonus rounds- naming all the actors in the movie. For example, earlier I was doing a dry run on a movie, the questions were who are these actors, and yes the puppy is an actor too, how many stargate actors made appearances, and then for the bonus question list them by name. So 8 points total. Breakdown of points: Name the movie=1 point, Name the actors= 1 point, Number of actors=1 point, bonus round=5 points.
And let’s see if the game players are paying attention? LOL
Pic with the answers:
david and mars
Actors= David Hewlett, and Mars the dog.
Movie Title= A Dog’s Breakfast
Number of Stargate Actors: 6
Names of the Actors/Actresses: David Hewlett, Kate Hewlett, Christopher Judge, Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion, Michael Lenic. Yes, Michael Lenic was in SG:1 and SGU. LOL

The games in my opinion are uber easy, I want people to have fun, but enough of a challenge, I hope to have them think a little.
Plus I’m a visual person, so to post pix, imo makes it easier to place.

Now then, I’m still deciding on whether or not to have prizes. But if we do, I’m switching to the point system, and the Grand Prize goes to the person that participates in all three games with the most points. Prizes are virtual goodies, icons, banners, and wallpapers. The Grand prize will be the person’s choice of a month for the upcoming year- from September to next September for their very own personalized month calendar. They pick the photos, add in special days-birthday, anniversary, what have you.And I personalize it up for them. When I worked at a place that did this, the person was charged $75 for this level of personalization. So I think playing a game or three and using your geek trivia, and having fun makes it worth while. I could be wrong, but I hope not.

so Rule number 1 Have Fun!
Rule number 2 Playing!! Participate!! get out and do something fun! As adults we forget how to play for the fun of playing. Why yes, I am a therapist! lol
Rule number 3 No arguing… if there is an issue, please PM me.
Rule number 4 I’m leaving this open for any unexpected issues and therefore I have a spot for it to go. lol (Learned this as a kid, when ppl would make up stupid rules on the go, and then when there really was a need for one, oops… no more rules available.)

So any questions?? Game start time will be around Noonish Central Standard Time, aka my lunch time. Baring any stuff I have to do for work. Stop time will be short this time. Poll time, 6p, 8p, or 10 pm?? How long do you wanna play??

Okay, so till tomorrow. Enjoy practicing with the dry runs I’ve posted, and hey pay attention to the photo bloggie, I have been known to post stuff there too, I like an element of scavenger hunt to my games. LOL

Hugs & Have a great time if you participate. From your GM, Allons-y!