It’s always a good day when you can afford to buy a book! Yes, it is!

So, it’s a great day when you can afford to buy more than one, like 10 or a dozen! lol 😉

Thanks to Patrick’s budgeting skills, I was able to purchase some iBooks of my favorite Series, The Otherworld Series by the author, Yasmine Galenorn

Click the first link to take you to the Otherworld part on her blog and the second link is to her website!

I personally love this series! She is no longer doing print books, and I couldn’t be happier! Easier to purchase with an iTunes card and download for immediate reading. 😉

Patrick saw me this morning go and pull out the hard copies of the earlier books, it’s been a while, like over a year since I last read this series, as I wasn’t aware that she had gone completely digital and the customer service person at Books a Million, actually upset Patrick. That’s how rude he was to me. He tried to grab me and Patrick grabbed him. Apparently, we’re no longer allowed in that store. Their representative grabbed me first, but whatever! I avoid Books a million now unless we’re in Kokomo, otherwise, it’s Barnes & Noble! So while I was sleeping, he went grocery shopping and was able to get me a few surprises, another iTunes card to download the rest of the series, “Now you can sell the paperbacks or give them away, but I prefer you reading on your iPad, the screen is larger than a book!” Woohoo! And a Pop Queen Hippolyta, “My blonde Amazon had a Pop figure!” He cracks me up!!

So I’m now able to re-read from the beginning of the series and I have a Queen Hippolyta figure on my work desk. Isis keeps sniffing it, and she has taken it away somewhere… I’m to busy to look right now. lol

But my Halloween is awesome so far!