It’s a grey and rainy morning…

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Yeah doesn’t have the same punch as “It’s a dark and stormy night.”

But it’s true. LOL Went to bed with my phone buzzing every ten to fifteen minutes with weather alerts; severe t-storms, flash floods, and oh my, even tornadoes. Yeah, that kind of made for a restful nights sleep. NOT! LOL 😛

But I finally fell completely asleep, because the alarm jolted me awake this morning. And yes, it’s grey out and raining sporadically. Not bad. But I like this type of weather. No, I never claimed to be normal, quite the opposite really. LOL

In other news, I found out that the wobbly in my car was due to a bad tire. I was afraid it was my tie rods. Not an easy fix, and kind of expensive. But yay! It was only a tire. Hubs took my car to the tire place yesterday and they gave him an amazing deal on a set of four. He was only going to replace the front two, but it turned out cheaper, to do the whole set of four. So woohoo! My car drove like a dream this morning, no wobbly, no weird noises. Other than me singing along with the radio. lol And now I’m not going to be freaking out when driving it. Oh Yeah, nothing like his prophecies of doom and gloom. “Your tire could blow and then you’d die!”, “If you turn a corner to fast, the tire could blow, and then you’d die!” See a pattern here and he was wondering why I didn’t want to get back into the “Death trap” after he told me those things. LOL I switched cars with him. Hey, he obviously wasn’t as freaked out as me after that convo.

And it’s Thursday!! One more day to the weekend. I have Saturday off. I’m on call Sunday. So Saturday I’m driving to Indy and running some errands and hope to meet up with some friends. Good stuff! I also hope to have a cook out soon! I love grilling. Yes, I love grilling. So the whole fireball at the beginning can be a little dangerous. I’ve been known to over-douse the charcoal with the fire fuel. Whoops! But it really makes people take notice! LOL 😛 And then once the whole thing is ready for the food. I’m all woot! Let’s do this! Plus clean up is a breeze. Scrape the gunk off the grill, rinse it down and viola, done! Okay, yeah summer is minimum fuss when doing food.

Speaking of minimum fuss, this new email is interesting, I’m not used to seeing my inbox with only six email’s.

Let’s have a great day! Keep calm and be awesome! Remember you got this! 😀

Row, row, row your car…


And the weather hit last night, the storm and the torrential downpour has caused flooding in the area. I got up, and thank goodness decided to head into work early.

Took my usual route, which had some standing water, nothing I couldn’t handle. It was when I hit the city proper of Marion, that oops. The road I normally travel on for work, was closed. Very high water, flooded the streets. So I turned around and decided to take a secondary road. And that one was closed as well. So was the third and fourth alternatives. I finally traveled up to the main thoroughfair and did fine. And I noticed the police sitting at closed roads. Whooo the one I used to use all the time was open, and while there was standing water, nothing that I couldn’t handle. Got to work about on time. For me, I like to be at least half an hour early, hang out in the car, and prepare myself for the day. Today it was twenty minutes early so still pretty good. And bonus, one of the staff brought in donuts. Woot! 😀

anywho, I have an appointment downtown during my lunch hour for my licensing application, and I can not be late. I’ve already talked with some of the staff and have an alternate route planned out, and I should still get there on time.

Please be careful if you live in any of the states that have been hit with these storms. Flash floods are not fun! Flooded roads also not fun! Use your common sense, drive accordingly and plan on using alternate routes. Oh yeah, leave early. I am so glad I left earlier than usual.

Have an awesome Friday!! 😀

Well *&%$##!


Okay, so yesterday’s winter weather advisory was more accurate!

Hubs shoveled the car out of the snow for me, and then I decided I could drive myself to work. I drive a beetle. Low to the ground, front wheel drive- getting the picture?

Yeah, I went down the wrong road this morning! And whammo! Got stuck but good. Good news, I didn’t slide off into a ditch. Bad news, I got stuck in the road. And I had four ppl in their lovely four wheel drives pass right by me.
A huge thank you to the two people that not only stopped to see if I was okay, but attempted to help me get unstuck. With no luck. I was able to contact the maintenance staff at work who sent someone to retrieve me, and he even took care of getting my car towed to the work parking lot.

And oi! this day started off not so fun…. I’m really looking forward to going home, crawling into bed and just vegging. I mean, doing absolutely nothing.

So for everyone else that has this fun stuff aka snow, and if you don’t have to go anywhere, don’t! Stay home! I have to report to work. Take care! Stay warm and stay hydrated!


Rainy days and Monday

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It’s been a nice Monday, rainy and at 5p it’s getting really foggy out. I went out at 5 and the visibilty wasn’t that bad, it’s 5:30 now and the visibility outside my office is horrible. I will be driving with my fog lights on and at a reduced speed. I’ll also be taking the back way home-less traffic.

Good news the temps are nice. Not overly cold, for me, just right.

Other than the usual Monday stuff, it’s been a good day. This past weekend I had some fun, got the nails done. Pix on the photoblog, and I just vegged out for a bit. No reading, no art, no nada. Just sat and let the mind go… ahhh, bliss! I’ve always had a problem with my mind thinking to much. Constantly rambling in my head, I have a secret that I use to quiet it down to go to sleep and I’ve passed it on to some clients. Who do agree it’s cheesy, but “damn, that does work!” 🙂 If anyone wants to know, leave a comment. I’ll tell.

So I have twenty minutes to go before I hit the road for home, and then I plan on doing some facebook stuff, and maybe some creative stuff or maybe just lie there and watch some Stargate: SG1. 🙂 won’t know till I get there.

Ya’ll be careful! Esp those in foggy areas. And I’m trying NOT to think of the movie, “The Mist.” by Stephen King. Brrr! lol 😛

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