well not all that lazy…I’ve done some more cleaning/organizing. Until my body said “I’m done!” while I love the change in season’s, my Fibro has a small problem with it. And lately it’s been focused on my lower back, hips, knees and ankles. So I’m in bed with my legs propped up. 😀

As I mentioned yesterday, when the hub’s is hurt he likes to do some shopping and I don’t mind.
We went to the mall, to walk around for some exercise. While I was in Hot Topic, he went into the bookstore, and picked up the new Yasmine Galenorn, Otherworld series for me. Shaded Vision. oooh!! 😀

available Now (digital/hardcopy):

And then, we stopped at Target, woot!! He surprised me with another goodie for my collection: Sweet 1600 Clawdeen Wolf

And today, he brings home this sweet pressie:

He has people looking for these for me too!! so now to post the next one’s I’m looking for.
Clawdeen and her little sister, Howleen. awww, looks familiar. LOL

I’m also going to be looking for Robecca Steam

and OMG! Toralei Stripe aka the were cat!! “Where oh, where are you at?”

and now to go write… I love writing!! And it’s very good at helping me to ignore the pain.
OOOOH, Fish & Chips for dinner, and Moose Tracks for dessert! woohooo!