Thank you very much! ❤ 😉

Hubs brought in the mail yesterday, and I had a box! Inside was a figure I’ve been looking for! Oh yeah, I collect Monster High Dolls! Not all, but the one’s I like. 😉

This one is a combination of two of my faves in one, Cleo deNile and Toralei Stripe. for those that know me, will agree, I’m kind of a combo of the two. lol :p

Hero-Cleo-Character_tcm577-204139 Hero-Toralei-Character_tcm577-206714 k2-_e17a378b-0248-43e9-a055-6d90e34f77cf.v1 84e09ee9a6ec2c1b05567cddcb2b0745 Photographer Jeff O'Brien Stylist Suan Kurtz download Profile_art_-_Cleolei

ps- I will be sending you a thank you card via snail mail!! xoxo ❤