Apparently there needs to be a guide for people that are online, re; social media!

Okay, what brought this on? Well only the fact that within two weeks, I’ve gotten some friend requests on Facebook and saw we had mutual friends, so okay. ‘Accepted’

AND THEN! “I want to get to know you better.” “Oh send my your phone number so we can talk/text.” “You are sooo beautiful, want to get together?”


UM Dudes! Did you read that profile thingie: I’m married! I’m not looking for a date, a companion, to hook up or whatever. I’m on facebook, twitter to converse with friends, and if you think I’m giving out my phone number to some random person I don’t know, then you really need to think again. (which is my very polite way of not saying what I’m really thinking!) *Face Palm!*

There’s this thing called commonsense, USE IT!
As for asking a woman for her number online, and you don’t know this person, seriously that’s stupid. And the woman that would give it to you, also stupid! Hey I’m equal opportunity, I call both genders stupid when they act it! 😦

okay short brief rant, hopefully the two people that need to see this- ON Facebook! might actually take the time to read it, and if you unfriend, me, AWESOME! 😀

And to the other people that are nice and say hello, and are genuinely nice and polite, it’s great to have you as a friend! Thank you!! xoxo