Revision is fun


and I can feel a certain fellow writer smacking me through the air. lol HI Paula! 🙂

Seriously though, I’m catching some odd word usage, and adding in some things to hopefully make it flow better. Not to mention get rid of some dialogue that I don’t know what I was thinking? lol

I’m up to revising Chapter 21 now.  😀 woot! I finally checked, I have 32 chapters written, and I still need to do a few more for this story to end. Well…until the sequel and yep, I’ve started the out line for that one as well.  woohoo! 😀

till later, back to revising. Chapter two will be posted on Saturday, since Alex is a kitty girl, I’ve decided to post on Caturdays. LOL =^.^= meow    Besides this Friday I’ve something fun planned! 😉

and if you’re not following my creative blog, I asked a question there earlier. Who wants to see Alex dressed up as Wonder Woman? I’m going to do it anyway, I’m just curious to whether people want to see it when finished. 😉

so till later kittens


Sweet dreams and…

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Quite possibly an anti-social weekend. Well I didn’t make my word count goal for the day, but I actually did better than what I thought I’d do; 3341 words today. Nice! For a grand total of: 9353! so close to my goal for the day, but I’m starting to wear down… need some sleep and I can start fresh and early tomorrow. And by early I’m thinking ten o’clock-ish. LOL 😀 So calendar of the day, IOTD etc will be late-ish. LOL 😛

Also I’ve been warning my friends that I will more than likely be anti-social this weekend, I really want to keep writing and while the muse is singing, I don’t want to miss that!

So unto the morrow, ya’ll have a great night or sweet Dreams.



Quick break time- hubs says so!

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Someone, Hubs says I need to eat to keep my brain going…”Coffee only goes so far, honey!” Okay okay. I need to go eat…he’s laughing at the headband I’ve got on, antennae- okay okay, kitty ears. Hey it works for me, I’m close to 1000 words in less than two hours… and the  muse is singing again. But first, hmm, I want a bagel to go with my coffee.

He says, “NO! food, then bagel and coffee.”
*um, last time I looked, bagel’s were a food item??? LOL 😛

so let me leave you with another shot of the creation station. lol

creation station

M’Chel’s home creation station, aka the computer! lol =^.^=

think & type think & type think & type *You should be writing*

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OI! I know what I’m doing this weekend. WRITE!
so I have a few doctor’s appts tomorrow. Okay…yeah, can’t skip them. But once I’m home, I’m writing.

I hope my fellow NaNo’s are doing well.

Peace & Punctuation


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Ugh, I hate not having reliable internet. I still have the mifi at home, but unfortunately, there is an issue about the area I live in, and that it is not for the unlimited. So sporadic at the best of moments.

nothing huge going on, just life a little bit at a time.

I’m still working on my re-write, adding in a few things and getting it polished up. As I’ve been reading other fanfics lately, I’ve been noticing the errors and it just drives me buggy! However I have been able to figure out the one writer that I am enjoying appears to be from the UK. Spelling of certain words, and usage of certain phrases. She has some american cliche’s down, however…not all of them correctly. Why I used to love being a beta for my UK and German friends, helping them understand why cliche’s are best left out of a fic. (Or any writing really. jmo) But the stories are pretty good, lots of action, some fun drama, and okay yeah, angsty romance. lol :p just what I’ve been needing lately.

Some days when you just can’t seem to write, it’s a good idea to go read. You can learn a lot, or just simply be entertained. It helps me in both cases.

I’ve had some really nice good news, that I’m not going to share just yet, but it has made me happy! And no, it’s not about my licensing examination yet…they keep telling me, either; We don’t have your transcript, or who are you? We don’t have your application.


I mailed out the app a month ago, along with contacting the school in person, and sent the ‘official’ transcript at that time.

It is what it is, and I am working on it…just…patience.

so who wants some eyecandy?? Ooooh, Me! ME!!

Joe Flanigan, Colonel John Sheppard Stargate Atlantis

so till later, I’m in the midst of a re-write, and playing around with a cute little plot bunny-that is holding a P-90, and sitting in front of a Stargate. Hm? to write or not to write in that universe…??? thoughts?

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