So in June, it’ll be our seventeenth Wedding Anniversary and I’d like to do something fun. However… I’m still the financial supporter of the family, so… time to put some more stuff I can afford to lose on eBay.   I’m going to be going through all my jewelry and see what I can put up. I have some Brighton stuff; jewelry and purses that I think might sell. 😉 I hope so anyway.

After that, it’ll be time to go through other stuff; cherished teddies, and other collectible items.


And then, I need to really put my butt down in a chair and finish the revision on the sequel so that I can post it!! I can tell I’m still depressed myself- loss of interest in doing fun stuff and my writing is the way I destress…. but I can’t stay like this forever. I need to do what I love to help get out of this funk! so perhaps tomorrow in between updating the creative blog and reviewing my art, maybe it’ll snap me into working on the revision. Otherwise. I smell a pot of coffee (_)> with my name on it Monday while I’m typing on the laptop. 😉


Yep!! I know what I’m doing Monday; in the morning pulling out my jewelry, photographing it, uploading onto eBay and then in the afternoon, revise and write on my sequel. 😉 Plan is set!!