I’m so thankful that I have a sense of humor. I had to go take care of something really important this morning. I ensured I had directions, easy to understand directions. However…and this is important, there were no landmarks in the directions. I’m fairly good with directions, I know that I go up to Fort Wayne-North, down to Indy-South, West to Illinois, and East to Ohio. But if you want me to get to a specific location, landmarks really help! 🙂    And here’s where that sense of humor comes in! So I’m following the directions, and next thing I know, I’m on the wrong road and halfway to Fort Wayne. When did 9 become 24 East???  Um. OOPS!  I turned around and finally made it to my destination with twenty minutes to spare. But I’m a horrible Type A, I was trying not to freak out a bit. And then I just started laughing, cause if it was going to happen it would be to me.  Plus I had to cut myself some slack, I’ve never been to this town before.

My sense of humor comes in handy a LOT! lol 😀

I wonder if other Type A personality people have the same issues, and if so, how do you cope with it?

***And another moment for my sense of humor! ***

So while I was driving back to my destination, I heard on the radio that Anderson, Indiana is having their Christmas parade, T H I S Saturday! Um what??? They will also be doing a Tree Lighting!  😛 Dudes! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet? And we’re already having a christmas parade and a tree lighting???!!!??? 😛

” Happy Christmahannukwanzadan everybody…and I think that covers everybody ” ~Source

Yep, I like that saying! Still trying to figure out how to add Yule into it. 😀