That plot bunny is going strong. I have two distinct ideas, and woot! I’ve finally figured out how to do both ideas. A bit of a twisty thing. LOL 😀  And so far within say an hour total writing time, I’ve typed up 2820 words or twelve typed pages.

Woot!! 😀

I’m thinking of printing it out and putting down my possible outline. Yeah, omg this little story doesn’t have an outline. LOL

Sometimes I just need to freestyle write. But I have been doing my research. I can’t personally stand not being correct in terminology and stuff like that. “Hello Type A!” LOL 😉

Until later, stay warm and don’t forget to hydrate! Yes, you can dehydrate in the winter. And moisturize too! 😉

Sweet dreams and I’ll be back bright and early again tomorrow. Hubs truck at work was delayed a day, so yay, that means I’m going home, going to bed and be back by four thirty in the morning. um yeah! ooooh! That means I have five hours to write! WoooHOOOO! Perspective it’s such an awesome talent!