:D smile it’s Saturday!

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And what a beautiful day it is, the sun is shining!! 😀

And it’s national souffle day, lol. Yeah, I can’t cook one either.

Me, the line up for the day; go through closets, do some laundry, rearrange some things in my room, watch a few Buffy eps- relax for a bit. And then…woot! Do some more writing.

Oh yeah and post a few pix with an entry later. I was finally able to pick up Hubs birthday presents! His bday was the ninth. But he loves the presents, so def was worth the wait. And I got a few little presents for being patient the other day. Meaning, I didn’t whine, and I was nice to ppl I was supposed to be nice too. And boy that was a little hard. It’s kind of difficult to be nice to ppl that aren’t nice to you, and it seems that they go out of their way to provoke you. I stayed calm and balanced. Woot!

Have a beautiful day!

Happy Wonderful Monday! :D


And yeah, was quiet this weekend, had some excitement at the house. After I did all the Domestic Goddess chores; dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathrooms. I decided to sit and read for a bit. And then I heard a slight boom noise and then water! OMG! What the heck? I went to the kitchen, no no water there, laundry room next no no water there. And then I walked into the bathroom and my toliet looked like a sprinkler or a fountain. Water was shooting straight up and making a mess. Dangit! I had just cleaned it. And then my next thought, Hubs is going to kill me. Because I ran down to the other bathroom and sure enough, it was doing the same thing. ACK!
I looked outside and saw a truck by the fire hydrant and they were playing with it, okay I’m sure it was work. And then I heard other people screaming about the water pressure. Cool! I didn’t do it! But yeah, I had to go reclean the bathrooms. And that was it for that day! LOL

I’ve also been running three games on my facebook groups, I invent little trivia games and then find people that want to play! Lucky for me, I have friends that love these kinds of little games. I have nineteen people in my one group and over half played, good participation! 😀
So what are the games? Well they are Stargate related; Flanigan Shenigan’s, Kravin Kavan and Wormhole Wonders. The first two deal with questions related to the Actors and the show-Atlantis. Wormhole Wonders covers the entire body of Stargate work. And once I know people have read the books, yeah they are going to make it into the next game play. LOL I do these games about once every other month. And after this game play, I’m revising how many I do at one time and how many groups participate. LOL Being a GM is hard work. 😀

but the best compliment I received is: “thanks for doing this, its been the most fun I’ve had on fb for a while 🙂
thanks again

To me that makes it all worthwhile, my goal is to help people have fun, interact with others and PLAY!! As adults we forget how to play and have fun!
Now then if anyone wants to know the scores, I’m sure that the players would be fine with that. They were scored in individual groups, and then they were awarded group participation points-15, and then multi group participation points- 3 groups=50, 2 groups=25. Those bonus points helped a few. And just for fun we had the Bazinga points, for those that could tie an actor from Stargate to The Big Bang Theory, and Frisky Caturday points, where I posted a pic of a cat and you could tell me which actor they represented, (I’ll post an example shortly) or what type of cat they are! Those were worth 10-15 points.
But the most fun was the uber Gate Geek questions for Wormhole Wonders, and then the team play- players that didn’t answer the full question and the same with another player, I offered to them to split the points and woohoo! They did!! Wow!

All in all, I think most people enjoyed the games. And they have won prizes too! I don’t do cash, but I have offered them some digital art; wallpapers, facebook covers, icons, tags/badges. The Uber Gate Geek choose a year of personalized calendar months- without the full customization. And I’m starting work on the participation badges later today! Everyone that played gets a prize! I like prizes! LOL 😀

I’ll post some of the pix I used and the questions posed on my photo blog- for those that want to try their gate skills. LOL

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Who does this cat sound like?


Woot! :D

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It’s Monday, it’s nice outside, breezy a lil chilly. But I like it!

And I was kinda playing on the computer last night, was able to download a program I’ve enjoyed using in the past. And it works!! YAY! 😀 I never did make it to install CS6 or the Intuos…but other stuff that was more priority came first.

We had left to go to a dinner function in Indy and had a bit of a mishap. Nothing major thank goodness, just more annoying, and no one returning phone calls. Finally had a nice guy stop and phone some of his friends to help us out, and by then it was time to turn around and call it a day.
We tried, Cap’n… she just couldn’t take it… lol 😛

So Sunday I was cleaning, organizing, doing laundry and dishes-the typical Domestic Goddess Gig, and after all that, I decided to be a laze about. Felt pretty good after all the cleaning I did. Hubs got home, and wanted my attention to help him with his porch project. I was all, okay. Until I found out it involved a power drill, paintbrush and a vacuum cleaner. “Say what?” After he told me to hold this here, and then started up the power drill, and my hand started shaking…he let me go back into the house. I’ll take pix later of what he did, pretty ingenious. But yeah, I was worried about my hand slipping and ending up in the ER. I’m just a lil accident prone. lol (I said a lil)

And then after that we ran to the grocery store and got a few necessities, and he snuck in an iTunes bargain, 2 for $25. So… I downloaded a new book, and a new movie-new to me. After that, it was close to sleepy time. Played and chatted on Facebook, and then curled up in bed with my iPad to read, and fell asleep. Thank goodness for timers on them. lol

And now it’s the start of another beautiful week!!
I’m nearing the end of my one digital book series, and I’m a little sad about that. It’s been a well written series. Not one book following the other, but still. It’s been good. Some individual stories better than others. And wow, who knew even in published books, we still have grammar and spelling errors. oh well…the story was well written, even if they can’t spell correctly. 😛

I hope ya’ll have a great day!
The countdown to GenCon is on: 15 days! 🙂

And what a weekend it was…

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Did some shopping Friday night, after I got off work, at Kohl’s. They were having a HUGE Sale on houseware stuff, and I needed some new towels. And then we also picked up some stuff for my room. I love Moroccan Style interior decorating, lots of pillows, explosions of color, and some unique accent pieces. Oh yeah! It’s going to look amazing, imo. 🙂

And then on Saturday, it was time to do the Domestic Goddess Gig, and clean around the house. No big. Or was it? LOL 😛 I got the laundry started and went to go do the dishes, when and I really have no clue how I did it, I’m just gifted I think in my klutziness. I twisted my ankle. Like really really bad. So I stopped doing the dishes, and hobbled to the fridge, grabbed an ice pack. And then hobbled to the bathroom, grabbed my ibuprofin and then hopped over to the bed, propped my foot up, placed the ice pack on the affected area, and took two ibuprofen. And then I had to text hubs that I wasn’t able to complete all the stuff on my ‘honey do’ list. whooo that was fun, not. 😛

And one of the items I had bought at Kohl’s had needed to be returned and exchanged, yeah that didn’t happen on Saturday. I was a brave trooper in pain, owies!! But the swelling went down, and the bruise isn’t all that bad. Sad, I have had enough bruises to know that.

So let’s move on to Sunday. Woke up, and my father in law was there. um…no comment.

Hubs went to work early and placed my crutches, (Yes, I own my own pair of crutches-whee) by the door. He had also placed the item that needed returned with it’s receipt next to them. Um is that a subtle hint or what? LOL So did the shower, and make up thing, got dressed, and left for the store. Minus the stupid crutches. I have a cane, it was fine.

Got to Kohl’s, did the exchange and the customer service person was very nice. I had found another one of the items, and decided to get it as well. Well the sale was buy one, get one half off. I couldn’t find another one, so woot! she gave me the one I wanted at half off. Sweet! And I grabbed some girlie stuff I’ve been needing, makeup. I put off buying makeup because it’s not a necessity. But dangit, I wanted some, so I got some. Foundation, blush and lip liner. Not a lot, just the necessities.

So wooo, that all went well. I drove back home, and was carrying my bags up the stairs, when OW! Somehow, and I really don’t know how, I re-twisted my ankle. OI! Really?

And so I texted hubs again, that I re-twisted it after making it to and from the store with the exchange done. And he was all, really? Really! But it really wasn’t that big of a surprise for him, he’s used to my klutziness by now. First thing he packs on a road trip is the first aid kit. Yeah. IKR?

But I still had stuff I wanted to accomplish in the house, and so being the stubborn person I am, I went and did them. And then I ended up in bed, with another ice pack, two ibuprofin, and a tall glass of water. OWIES! I had overdone it.
So I played on Facebook for a bit, and my bunnies asked for a Joe Calendar, I had had an incident happen earlier in the week, and I wasn’t apt to make one. However, my bunnies are nice, and so yes, I made not one, but two Joe Calendars. I get bored easily, and so I did a Firework variation of the original one. So natch, I had to go and do a Firework variation of the Kavan one I did. LOL 😀 I’m silly, I know. But it’s fun and that’s what matters.

And you can see these lovelies on the photoblog: http://mchelsmusingphlog.wordpress.com/
link function not working at the mo…. oi

till later, have a Beautiful Day!!
stay cool and hydrated

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