OMG, what is with people??

can you not speak properly, and then spell what you say?
Text lingo is not actual words. Yes, I know, I do it myself-but…not to ppl that don’t know me.

two words I’ve seen lately, that is absolutely driving me nuts:

whit, used in, “I wanna go whit you.” means? With

tat, used in, “I want tat!” means? That

I ignore people that speak to me like this. Why? If you don’t have enough self-respect to speak correctly, why should I respect you to reply? Simple in my mind. NOW, if this person is a friend, yeah, I’ll reply. But I’ll also let them know just how ridiculous they sound.

Now to be fair, I have on occasions, spelt Kittens as Kitteh’s. But I have done so in a way, that it is cute- not ridiculous. So, yes, I know I do it too, but not every day, in every conversation I have. I mean really? Do you want to be taken seriously? Or are you really that clueless? Because word of advice here, if you submit an application or a resume’ to someone with these ‘text’ words, you won’t be taken seriously. Trust me! I have denied people access to groups due to the fact that they can’t write correctly, and when I ask them for clarification, they reply back, “WTF is ur prob?”
ps- being rude to someone like this, quaranteed, you aren’t going to get what you want?