So I checked into the support groups this morning, and gee, someone must’ve read my blog entry. 😀 Much better this morning, more like what I perceive a support group should be. And yes, I have the answer in that sentence, ‘Perceive.’

A person’s expectations and perceptions can make or break an idea or an event. I try to stop having expectations and simply enjoy the moment. But those pesky little perceptions keep interfering. Guess I need to start doing my mindfulness more often.

How about you? Do expectations and perceptions ruin something for you?

and now back to our regularly scheduled NANO! Woot! *\O/*
the wasically wabid wabbits I had yesterday have finally been corralled and fed copious praises of soon…yes. soon! And I’m back onto the story I’m writing.
I’m kinda like the turtle, I’m slow to the start, and I’ll be slow to the finish, but I will finish! 😀 Motivation rule #1 of being me, I’m Awesome! I can do this!
lol 😛

Peace & Punctuation