On Happier there are quite a number of courses that are available, and I am lucky/grateful that I’ve been given a few. One of them is 7 Happier Habits. I love this, I’m a fairly happy, some would say, “annoyingly perky person.” I’ve been called much worse. But that one sticks with me. LOL 😀  Apparently it’s not okay to be perky. 😛 whatever….

So everyday I’m finding more stuff to be grateful for, and it’s making a huge difference in my mindset first thing in the morning. This morning I am grateful for “Yay! I’m grateful this morning for a beautiful Autumn morning crisp & energizing!”  (quoting myself- yeah… you should cite yourself or else…according to my old prof’s and mentor) 😀  This is the photo I shared, a quick snapshot this morning and it’s unretouched.

photo (2)