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So I’ve been getting asked; why all the Wonder Woman stuff? To me, Wonder Woman is a sign of beauty, strength, intelligence, and Feminism.  Let me clarify beauty- it’s not all physical beauty. She is IMO a compassionate person- or she’s been portrayed as such in some comic incarnations. That is a sign of inner beauty.  Then we have the images of Wonder Woman holding swords… yes! She is a Warrior. Guess what? I was in the Army. So am I. 🙂

People then ask me; Feminism? And then there are the inevitable remarks, that I swear I nearly knocked myself out cold facepalming to some of the opinions I’ve heard. Let’s have a snippet shall we:

“I don’t need that man hating shit, I gots a man.”

“Feminism that’s those dykes that hate men right?”

“Why do we need that? What you hate men!”

“I don’t need feminism, my man allows me to do what he wants me to do.”

Okay! Is anyone else that reads my blog shaking their heads and literally smacking their foreheads?!? Yes, these are opinions from various women that I have met. Honestly, not friends… acquaintances. Because I just could not be around them with those opinions. I find them all offensive, but the second and the last are the one’s that really makes me growl! GRRRRR!



Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women. *And of men and other minorities.

Feminism why do we need it? Cause as a woman we make .76 cents to a males 1.00 in the workplace. Sexual harassment issues, other opinions I’ve heard, “That’s a woman’s issue.” UH NO it’s not! I’ve seen men being sexually harassed as well. Feminism is not men hating, nor is it only for the LGBT community, it’s EQUALITY for ALL!

I’m still a nice person, I still speak the way I speak, and yeah, if you ever get to hear me in person, I do drop the F-bomb… but guess what? It’s not all the time, it is appropriately used in a sentence with the correct emphasis. LOL 😀 I dress the way I want to dress and um… no. I don’t care what you think? I don’t dress to impress or shock you. I dress as I’m comfortable and I like it!

images (3)

Then let’s move to some political issues; Abortion vs. Pro Choice, Reproductive Health, Women’s Health. Huh? Interesting these all are health issues and yet they are also political. I, as a woman should be able to decide if/when I need a procedure done, not some representative of the US government. Stay out of my womb! It’s mine, NOT yours!

We have been given the privilege of being able to vote!!! Thank you to the Woman’s Suffrage movement! I love the movie Iron Jawed Angels, and thank you to a mentor, a friend, and an instructor at school, Ms. Elaine for showing us this movie!  I’ve always ensured to go and vote. I remember the first time I was of age and asked my dad to take me to register and then to our polling site. When someone made the comment, “Aw ain’t that cute, he gets two votes instead of one!” My dad nearly bit his head off, “No. She’s voting the way she’s researched.” Go DAD! 😀  So please GO Register and then GO VOTE!!! You don’t have to vote the way your husband, partner is… vote for what you want! I do research on the candidates I vote for. It’s not that difficult. Read the material see which candidate’s platforms/opinions and prior voting in office is compatible with what you envision should be in office- representing you. There are women’s political groups on most college/university campuses and they will be more than happy to show you how to research this, and will even register you to vote. Some of them- will take you to your polling place on election day! I know, because I was one of these women! 🙂 This country was founded because people weren’t being represented.  Yeah… really really.


 I could go on and on, as I’m quite passionate about this issue; Feminism. So before I do…let’s conclude with one more question I was asked the other day: Why do we still need feminism, M’Chel? I mean, I’m working.

And my reply was…are you getting paid the same as your male counterpart, do you get time off without being made to feel guilty, and lastly are you promoted the same as your male counterpart(s)? Now then, based on your replies, YES! We still need feminism.

Have an awesome day!

XOXO thank you for reading!

Now are you ready to be a Wonder Warrior for peace, education, and political/social equality?

unnamed (3)
Art by the fabulous Des Taylor
And links to his sites:
Depop Art Blog


so… um…. wow…. ***oooh language warning***


Within the past week, I have joined a Wonder Woman group- Share the Wonder.  And I was like okay, let’s see if this one is any different than the last Wonder Woman groups I’ve been in. It has Christie Marson, niece of William Marston-creator of Wonder Woman in the group. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of the interactions, and Squeee’d out loud at a compliment, Ms. Marston gave me in the group. I’m still kinda walking on air from that compliment! 😀

So…imagine my surprise this morning when a person was obnoxiously obnoxious (so bad I had to say it twice). I posted a pic of Wonder Woman and Superman- black and white artwork for people to print out and color if they want.

 Pic:images (1)
Now then, I know that the whole WW and Superman pairing is not everyone’s cup of tea. But honestly, you said your opinion, so drop it. Constantly posting and whining about…. not appropriate behavior. “Is this what Diana has taught you?”   The idea of the group is to share what Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman has shown you, taught you, what does Wonder Woman stand for in your opinion. So honestly this person is annoying… but I’m not dropping out of this group, one person does not speak for the rest. 🙂

The other issue I have had with some in the group is my own issue. “WOW! She’s fucking stacked! Yeah! That’s a WONDER WOMAN!” Really??? *facepalms*   Yeah, I can see her in comic form smacking some sense into these people. LOL 😀


unnamed (1)

This is the cosplayer known as Riddle’s Messy Wardrobe on FB.
She did a fantastic job her on the uniform. She’s beautiful IMO! 😀


However the hilarity really ensued for me, when I was being silly this morning getting ready for my on-call shift at work. I put on my Wonder Woman tiara, why yes I do have a Wondie tiara and bracelets. 😀 And snapped a selfie. I then changed my FB avi to this pic. Why? Because why not? It’s fun and I like having fun. OMG! you should’ve have seen it– the numbers on my messages-in ten minutes from changing my avi, I received 20 messages, two of them were very sweet and supportive. The other oooooh twenty eight now, “You are a disgrace to Wonder Woman. She doesn’t have Blond hair or Brown eyes. Your breasts are too small!” Yeah, those are the snippets narrowed down for you. I’ve left out the really rude and crude ones! You’re welcome!! LOL 😛


One of my friends tagged me:

unnamed2See isn’t he sweet!!! I cropped out his identifying info… I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded, but I prefer to ask for permission first. 😀
so he reblogged this on his blog and added in the comment below- How Awesome is Blue Stevey!!! <3:


I love this girl, though we haven’t met in person. Wonder Woman is about feminism, the strength of the female essence, & equality. A pure expression of yin, if you will. Michelle is 1 of the strongest, toughest, sweetest, & most feminine (ie: beautiful) women I know. She snapped a shot of herself playing dress-up, just a couple of wks after her, dare I say it?, 48th b-day, as though she were still (she is!) a kid, & she caught flack for it. Why? Because she isn’t young, thin, brunette, & matching someone’s (male, I’m sure) idea of beauty. Because she dares to be herself, & doesn’t give a damn about society’s expectations. What did 1 of my female friends think of this pic? ‘Wow! I love your Wonder Woman swag!’ Let’s get more of that goin’, please. . .

Anywho, what does wonder woman mean to me? Compassion, Equality, Education, Temperance, Diversity, Beauty- not necessarily physical beauty either, Strength, Standing up for one’s beliefs!  Yes, I get all that from the many different aspects of Wonder Woman, she’s had her origin retold many different ways/times. However the basic idea is still the same, Equality between the sexes! She doesn’t hate men, neither do I. I just want equal pay, respect, etc. 😀

So let’s finish this entry up with a lovely speech given by Ms. Emma Watson:

I hope ya’ll are having a beautiful day in your part of the world. Once again, YAY! for writing therapy, in the past some of this would have been a thorn in my side. Now I write it out, and TADA it’s no longer an issue for me to dwell on. 😀


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