And what a beautiful fall day it has been. A little crisp this morning, but the temps appear to be in the high 60’s to low 70’s. My type of weather. I keep seeing the wind blow through the trees outside my office. So pretty.

I may not be doing a blog entry for the next few days, unless I hang out at a wifi hotspot this weekend. Tomorrow I’ll be participating in the local Veteran’s Stand down, it’s an event to help raise awareness for Veterans, what services are available in the community. I will be doing some Free Mental Health screenings, and if they complete a screening, they get a freebie from me. 🙂

Should be fun, educational and nice. I love helping my fellow Veterans!! 😀 I hope we have a good turnout.

After that, I will be going to Indy to do a quick med appt myself, and maybe even do something fun. And visit Starbucks with the free gift card I received. so maybe a quick blog update tmrw night. We’ll have to see how I feel.

No headache, YAY! However, my knee has decided to be a pita and go out on me, so I’m walking with my cane at the moment. Always fun. 😦 People look at me, and they have a hard time with the fact that I use one occasionally. oh well, either the cane or I hit the floor, and the floor hurts. LOL 🙂 Gotta giggle.

any who, ya’ll have a Beautiful weekend!!