Emoji Cake


From this


to this!


I’m going to get a cake mix today after work, and show you mine tomorrow!
We’ll see if this will be like a Pinterest “nailed it” or not! LOL 😀

Friday Fun ;)


I’m really enjoying the coloring by hand, it’s been forever since I’ve been able to do that. Carpal Tunnel 😦

so, I thought I’d share some images for ya’ll to print out and color. Ya know, cause it’s fun!! Make copies and have your kids or your friends color with you. It’s a group activity too! and you can have fun while doing this.

And yeah, I like the Lego images! lol 😀

322e88e9206b462f6d219a872f2f264f lego-superhero-coloring-pages_687744 lego-iron-man-coloring-pages imageslego-marvel-superheroes-batman-and-superman-coloring-page-1024x791



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So a recap of today’s posts for those that don’t follow me on Instagram or Twitter. 😉

We started off the day with Wondie mastering the art of making coffee, yeah she knows priorities.


Then it was time to grab some paperwork to prepare for the day. When she made a new friend. 😉


We get back to the office, and HEY! Where’d she get the donut?


And then I got busy!
Hours later, she decided to help me with my documentation.


Next thing you know…


And when in the car waiting for it to warm up. She’s really ready to leave. 😀


And now. We’re listening to some music while I’m reading! 😉


I’ve had a busy day with moments of fun included. I hope the other participants have had as much fun as I’ve had today!

Thank you again, Randy! One of my favorite days already! I’m looking forward to #AFWD2017 😉

Sweet dreams y’all.


Love these

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little missions! Easy and fun to do, and it breaks up the saturation of negative images on your social walls!

If you’d like to play along, and we’re friends on FB-message me. If not, copy/paste the below and PM your friends.

*** Now your mission; you have to hang a picture with the comic that you have been assigned and write on your wall : I intend to fill Facebook with a comic book hero to interrupt the saturation of negative images and videos. If you give me a “Like” I will choose a character for you. Your character is :


Now for those of you that aren’t on social media??? W O W really? LOL 😀 Feel free to send your friends texts, emails, etc. You never know when they might need a superhero to pop up in their day! 😀



oooh nails! Holiday designs!

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Even if you think you can’t do a design, you might be surprised. Look through these pretties. There’s a design that you might like? And it would be a great idea to have a nail party, everyone works on everyone else’s nails, great idea. And you could toss in one of those baking cookie things too, that way everyone gets cookies and pretty nails. 😀

The cookie party, you invite people to your house, they bring a cookie recipe and the ingredients, or they bring the already finished cookies with the recipe. Then everyone takes cookies from each other putting them on a plate, with the recipes. And viola-cookies for you and the recipe to make them yourself at home. Yeah, I’ve done this for years. Fun stuff! You just have to ensure everyone brings a different cookie, otherwise you end up with a plate of sugar cookies-not bad, but ya know. 😉

so now onto the nail designs. They are pretty cute and some even easy! 😀 I stuck with the red and white, as most girlies already have these two colors to use! that way, no extra money is spent! 😀

images (6) candy-cane-nails_2 Christmas-Hat-Nail-Art-Design-DIY 15-Simple-Easy-Christmas-Nail-Art-Designs-Ideas-2012-For-Beginners-Learners-7 Cheeky-reindeers-Christmas-nails

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