Winner shirt was….


it was fun last night playing on FB and seeing the votes! Only 11 voted, but see your vote counted! 😉

being silly

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And I need to write!! I need to destress in the best way possible for me, writing! or painting, but I can write anywhere. 😉

and in other news I’m being silly today, wearing my cute kitty stockings with a new dress. And I feel… weird and yet free! LOL

I have never worn a dress this short- well in public, and it really is not that short. It’s just above my knees, but I feel odd.  I started the day off by telling a friend, “Look I have knees!” see silly, but it got us both to start our day off with a giggle. Always good to start the day with a giggle and with a friend. 😉

so I’m posting these pix of moi from today and then I’m going to go wrangle that wascally plot bunny into cooperating. wish me luck! LOL 😀

I really am loving the softer red and platinum together.

unnamed (1)

you can just barely see my kitty stockings. =^.~=


oh yeah, I’ve also made up another new game that I’m playing with some friends. My version of Jeopardy! Catagories are: Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate (hmm see a trend? HA), Comics
I have secret bonus rounds, you can take your won points and go to the bonus round or keep your won points. In the bonus round- If you win, you get double the points, if you lose, you lose those won points. You still get what’s in the pot. 😉 I’m not cruel. I’ve posted a music vid for this next round. Oh and creativity in your answers also score higher points. LOL

For example;

the answer was: Rodney McKay

The question was: Who is the self proclaimed Genius of Atlantis, and thinks of himself to be comparable to Batman, always comes through in a pinch even though he whines the whole time complaining that he’s not McGyver?

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