It was grocery shopping day! JiJi needed food and so did we. 😀

We stopped at McDonald’s to pick up a small bite and a McFrappe as we don’t like to grocery shop on empty stomachs. 😉 And then we went into Joanne’s fabric shop to get the safety pins. I found this cute idea for a Yule decoration instead of a tree. Hubs has nixed the Yule Tree this year, “We have a cat now!” LOL

And he found me this cute lil JiJi toy there too, to keep at work so I don’t miss the kitty! He’s so silly. And yes, we bought JiJi a little hedgehog toy there too, he loves it! He has been carrying it with him everywhere and swats at our hands if we try to take it away from him. Awww. Technically it’s a pin cushion but it was soft enough for him.

Hubs picked out the larger gold Safety pins, “easier to see” for me. He is wearing one and I am too. I have some for local friends if they want one. Just ask me. 😉

We did do some grocery shopping and hubs informed me that we’re going to another store to get JiJi’s food. Okie dokies!

Imagine my surprise when we got home and he had snuck this into the shopping cart. He distracted me with books, which honestly, works every time! LOL 🙂

So, now I’m a colorful Zebra! And it’s fleece, so I’m a warm and comfy Zebra! HA! JiJi loves it too. He kept rubbing up against me and purring. So it has JiJi’s seal of approval. Silly kitty!

Speaking of silly kitties after coming home to find him eating his treats yesterday, when we got home Saturday, I found him snoozing in bed!

Doesn’t he just look comfy and innocent? HA!

And tonight I found him on his new perch! Maybe his dumping his treats on Friday was not done to get into them as much as clearing out his perch? He is a smart kitty! Still looking innocent too!

I snapped this of me in the new blazer I got to go with my pants! It’s nice, soft and warm. With Fibro, I have to have softer and lightweight material. Hubs picked this out and I agreed that it will go with a lot of what I already own and it was on sale! Bonus!

Wow, I didn’t realize until now that it’s out of focus. OOPS, retake later! lol

Anywho, I had a lovely weekend with Hubs and JiJi! Even with a migraine, that is still holding on. It’s nice to be able to spend a whole day with Hubs just enjoying each other’s company. And add in JiJi it’s awesome! He told me earlier today that he’s glad that we did adopt and rescue him from the shelter, “I can’t imagine not having our little Furball in the house.” Awww! ❤