Some days I feel emotionally overwhelmed…however I remember something I read once; slow down, breathe and carry on. So I take my time, focus on one thing at a time & keep moving. Everything that I can do, gets done. Maybe not as quickly as others believe it should happen, however it gets done. And then the moment I feel like …sighs… Is what I’m doing making a difference?

And then, I stop to pick up a few items at Walmart and I run into someone and they tell their family; this is Michelle, she helped me. And then it hits me, as I’m being hugged by their family. Yes. What I do matters.

So even with emotionally charged days, and when I’m moving at sublight, and not hyperdrive, ( remember scifi geek) it still matters.

This isn’t the blog I intended to write today, but this is the one that matters to my fellow human health workers; Nurses, Res Techs, Therapists & Social Workers. Thank you, we matter! Because we don’t always hear it, or feel it.