Happy Heart Day <3

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As someone that has had 2 heart attacks, 4 strokes, multiple TIA’s (mini strokes) and a Triple Bypass Surgery this is a pretty important day for me! I’m currently using a Rollator from the VA the F22 Rollator, not to be confused with the F22 Raptor- a wicked jet! 🙂 And hey, check it out, I still have my Smart Assy sense of humor or as I call it, my SASSY sense of humor! 🙂

I had a stroke on Saturday after excessive stress compounded by the loss of my mother on September 21, 2021. That’s why there were no posts about having a Blessed Mabon. We did go to Indianapolis on Saturday, September 25th to go see others of our Spiritual Preference-Wiccans and that was when I was noticing the symptoms. Patrick was driving and decided, “Hey, look we’re close to the VA.” so off we went.

I have Follow-Up Appointments this Friday and Monday! For my heart issues and my Vertigo issues. Patrick wants me to have an MRI or CAT scan done… I’ll let him talk to my providers and see what they say.

If you’re smoking, overweight and/or Diabetic please know you’re at higher risk of heart related issues.
I quit smoking 4 years ago and it is easier to breathe. I have been working on re-losing my weight, I gained some back after the surgery. And I’m definitely watching my blood sugar, A1C and exercising more. By exercising I mean walking. No more strenuous activity for me. I can’t find a local Tai Chi or Yoga group in this area!!! 😦

Take Care of yourself and go get your Covid Vaccinations! I’ve had both and I just got my Booster yesterday! Day before I got my influenza vaccination! I’m up to date on my immunizations!! woot!

Hello 👋🏻

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Oh it’s been an interesting month. 2 Cardiac Events, event because IMO they weren’t a heart attack but it felt pretty damn close. The doc at the ED thinks I’m having TIA’s again. Aka mini strokes. <sarcasm alert 🚨 > NICE!

So I’m having to reduce my stressors! Nuh huh! My job this week is nothing but stressors. Oh well I’ll be doing mini meditation 🧘🏼‍♀️ when possible and definitely reading!

Hubs is not amused! 😒 he’s keeping an eye on me and sending me cat 🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛ pix!

He reports they’re keeping him in bed for their amusement. I almost buy that. 😂

Have an awesome day! Namaste 🙏🏻

Angelic AI

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Okay, so a bit ago, Patrick showed me some video’s and Virtual Girl, AI Angel or Angelica AI interested me. I’ve been following her on youtube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. I’m not on Twitter as much anymore. Just me, it started getting overly dramatic. I don’t need that in my life, I’ve got more than enough drama on a daily basis, thank you very much! so anywho, I just really enjoy watching an AI react to people and she can be salty! Love it! this is interesting and I haven’t watched it all through yet but wanted to share it with everyone here.

I hope to start writing/blogging again, I do miss the stress relief it gives me. I just don’t like bitching about things, I’d much rather be upbeat, however, I think I’m going to start posting my real feelings about things too! just you know, cause bottling them up is what got me 2 heart attacks and that lovely triple heart bypass surgery! LOL


stay safe and wear a mask, don’t be a plague rat!

30 Day Pagan Journaling challenge: **Corrected** Days 1-3 and Day 4!

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Yeah, I realized that I had read the numbers wrong, I had issues seeing the numbers on the photo! oops! So today I’m correcting and putting Days One through Four here, I’ll re-edit the others and repost on their respective days! OI! FYI: I am substituting, Wiccan for Pagan, in my personal entries! 😉

Day 1: How do I see myself as a Wiccan?

That’s not an easy question.  I know it’s more than wearing a pentacle, and a black outfit with a cloak. I actually don’t have a cloak. 😉  I think for me, it’s definitely more internal, I see myself as less prone to getting angry and yet, with more responsibilities and ethics than a normal person. Every choice or decision has an outcome or repercussions-if you will. Some days I don’t have time to debate every choice in my head and thankfully I’ve years of being a Witch and can make a  quick decision. So for me, I see myself as a more responsible person.

Day 2: How did I become Wiccan?

Honestly, I just accepted I was a Witch, as I am Heredity! So I just had to accept and announce to the Goddess!

Day 3:  Why did I become Wiccan?

This is a bit longer.  There are two things that stand out to me when asked this question-not the first time it’s been asked of me. 1- I tried to be a good Catholic girl, went to Sunday school, taught bible class, etcetera! Until one day a priest told me angrily, I was going to HELL! So, I decided to think logically and review some things before I was to confirm. (Those in the Catholic faith know what it is to confirm.)  I discussed with my dad and a few other people that I respected. The one thing that kept popping in my head, ‘You’re made in Gods image.’ really? So God’s a Woman! Okay, and then that same priest called me a heretic! Okay, I am! And I changed my faith to that of the Goddess!

Day 4: What does a typical day look like for me through Wiccan eyes?

Huh? I’m going to try really hard not to be sarcastic here! 

I’m on medical leave from work. So I’m going to go with what a typical day now looks like! Rest, relax, and take it easy! I’ve been able to read more, study some things and play with my cat, JiJi. It’s true by the way, Cats do reduce your blood pressure. I’ve taken mine before and after playing with JiJi! I’ve also decided that until I am closer to 100% better I am not doing any spell work! However, I have been planning on some Samhain things. Patrick and I are ready to start decorating. JiJi started the other day and was knocking the spring/summer flowers off the tables! Instead of getting upset I just laughed and so did Patrick.  So a typical day through Wiccan eyes these days are practicing my breathing exercises, my patience and working on healing!


omg… health issues…. again…

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so ya’ll have noticed by now, no updates since the 2nd. Well I didn’t do any updates on the weekend, I usually take those off. And then on Monday, the 5th. I was having shooting pains in my right arm, chest pain, dizziness and shortness of breath. And after having a few TIA’s and a possible stroke (?) I decided at lunch to go to the VA ER in town. And next thing you know, I’m hooked up to monitor’s, doing the blood draw, getting a shot, and passing out…

yeah, I was prepared to be admitted! but NOOOOOOOOOO!
get this, the hospital they called had no beds. Okay, SO?! There are at least five other hospital’s that they could’ve transferred me to! So what the eff??!!

They kept me till my blood pressure dropped to a ‘reasonable’ level, and then released me with a 24 hour bed rest. No meds, no pain meds, no NADA! “Oh your primary doctor should be calling you to schedule a follow up.” No seriously, really? DUH!

OH Yes! I’m a little more than ticked!! I am filing a complaint. This is effin’ ridiculous. So we want to admit you, but since the one hospital we tried has no beds, you can go home? WTF?!

And okay, my bp is actually better today, and the side effects from the shot I got have gone away. But OMG! My right shoulder through my bicep muscle is killing me. I’ve taken my Tylenol, and I’ve been icing it whenever possible. And now I’m trying to locate a sling, as it feels better when it’s elevated. But obviously I’m still typing with it. Ah! I have to work. But when I’m not typing, I’m keeping it iced and elevated. Takes the pain from a 10 to an 8.
So I may or may not be blogging the rest of the week. I know a lot of people will understand, and thank you! HUGS!

oooh good news! One of my new favorite supervisor’s, just took my on call hours this weekend, so I can recuperate, and I’m taking her’s at the end of the month. She’s my new favorite, cause she’s doing this for me on such short notice!! Squee!!! If anything, Friday after work, I might be driving down to the Indy VA ER to see what they can do.

Anywho, if anything, I’ll be posting the calendar days for the rest of the week! Ya’ll have a safe, happy and healthy week!!

And what a weekend it was…

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Did some shopping Friday night, after I got off work, at Kohl’s. They were having a HUGE Sale on houseware stuff, and I needed some new towels. And then we also picked up some stuff for my room. I love Moroccan Style interior decorating, lots of pillows, explosions of color, and some unique accent pieces. Oh yeah! It’s going to look amazing, imo. 🙂

And then on Saturday, it was time to do the Domestic Goddess Gig, and clean around the house. No big. Or was it? LOL 😛 I got the laundry started and went to go do the dishes, when and I really have no clue how I did it, I’m just gifted I think in my klutziness. I twisted my ankle. Like really really bad. So I stopped doing the dishes, and hobbled to the fridge, grabbed an ice pack. And then hobbled to the bathroom, grabbed my ibuprofin and then hopped over to the bed, propped my foot up, placed the ice pack on the affected area, and took two ibuprofen. And then I had to text hubs that I wasn’t able to complete all the stuff on my ‘honey do’ list. whooo that was fun, not. 😛

And one of the items I had bought at Kohl’s had needed to be returned and exchanged, yeah that didn’t happen on Saturday. I was a brave trooper in pain, owies!! But the swelling went down, and the bruise isn’t all that bad. Sad, I have had enough bruises to know that.

So let’s move on to Sunday. Woke up, and my father in law was there. um…no comment.

Hubs went to work early and placed my crutches, (Yes, I own my own pair of crutches-whee) by the door. He had also placed the item that needed returned with it’s receipt next to them. Um is that a subtle hint or what? LOL So did the shower, and make up thing, got dressed, and left for the store. Minus the stupid crutches. I have a cane, it was fine.

Got to Kohl’s, did the exchange and the customer service person was very nice. I had found another one of the items, and decided to get it as well. Well the sale was buy one, get one half off. I couldn’t find another one, so woot! she gave me the one I wanted at half off. Sweet! And I grabbed some girlie stuff I’ve been needing, makeup. I put off buying makeup because it’s not a necessity. But dangit, I wanted some, so I got some. Foundation, blush and lip liner. Not a lot, just the necessities.

So wooo, that all went well. I drove back home, and was carrying my bags up the stairs, when OW! Somehow, and I really don’t know how, I re-twisted my ankle. OI! Really?

And so I texted hubs again, that I re-twisted it after making it to and from the store with the exchange done. And he was all, really? Really! But it really wasn’t that big of a surprise for him, he’s used to my klutziness by now. First thing he packs on a road trip is the first aid kit. Yeah. IKR?

But I still had stuff I wanted to accomplish in the house, and so being the stubborn person I am, I went and did them. And then I ended up in bed, with another ice pack, two ibuprofin, and a tall glass of water. OWIES! I had overdone it.
So I played on Facebook for a bit, and my bunnies asked for a Joe Calendar, I had had an incident happen earlier in the week, and I wasn’t apt to make one. However, my bunnies are nice, and so yes, I made not one, but two Joe Calendars. I get bored easily, and so I did a Firework variation of the original one. So natch, I had to go and do a Firework variation of the Kavan one I did. LOL 😀 I’m silly, I know. But it’s fun and that’s what matters.

And you can see these lovelies on the photoblog: http://mchelsmusingphlog.wordpress.com/
link function not working at the mo…. oi

till later, have a Beautiful Day!!
stay cool and hydrated

Good Happy Monday!


And for some, it’s a short week. For me it’s going to be fun week. 😛 I’m on night’s this week, so… 8 hrs, 10hrs, 8hrs, off!, 4 hours!! And bonus, I’ll get holiday pay on the day I’m off for ten hours! Suhweet!! 😀

This weekend, the migraine decided to kick it into overdrive, and I was miserable on Saturday night through most of Sunday! I used my own coping skills and was distracting myself by reading, finished the first Atlantis book, and started on the second. woot! My head was pounding too bad to think of doing any writing, or serious discussion with anyone. And I got so cranky that I just stayed off of FB. I’m of the mindset, if you’re intoxicated, or extremely bitchy, you shouldn’t be on Social Media. Now with that being said, I’ve read some fascinating posts from some friends that are online when they are intoxicated, and omg what they write. Someone should really take their online privileges away when they are three sheets to the wind. But that could just be me. lol

Does anyone have any plans for the fourth? BBQ’s, fireworks-please be careful if you’re doing them yourself.

I’m going to be working on finishing up July’s calendars, we’ll see if I do more than one or two. 😛 And hopefully I’ll be able to do some writing this week as well.

Ya’ll have a great Monday!!

ummmmmmmmmm Happy Friday?


You know some Fridays start off fantastically! While others seem to start with a whimper… you know what I mean. It’s like, oh yeah, it’s Friday. Um woo hoo.

Course mine is somewhat understandable after the little health scare yesterday.
And thank goodness my boss let me leave to go to the CBOC. I had been feeling light headed and dizzy. Almost fainted three times in my office. And then OMG! Category off the charts migraine hit me, that suddenly. I normally have a buildup, or I can feel one coming on. This was just “BLAM!” and I was nearly out of it. Sounds, smells, and the light…I’m really light sensitive. The location was completely different as well. So yeah, I left work and drove myself to the CBOC. No one here volunteered, hubs was at work. I couldn’t reach any family to come and get me. So I drove the back way that way if something did happen, I’d crash in a field and not into anyone else. Yeah, that’s somewhat dramatic of me, but I do think like that. Keeps everyone else safe, I mean I was impaired. IN PAIN!

so anywho I get there, my awesome nurse got me in, turned off the lights, got me an ice pack and after checking my bp which, duh, was up. Told me to lie down and relax while staffing with my doctor. Good news, the symptoms I was having are fairly close to a woman’s symptoms of having a heart attack. But It was NOT a heart attack! Bad news, It was the worst migraine ever!! So I’m up for some more neurological tests! can we say, Woohoo?? LOL I swear I have to keep a sense of humor, and mine is mainly smartassery! It kind of makes sense. 😛
So I received some good meds, and they called hubs to come and retrieve me. I was NOT allowed to drive after ingesting the meds, talk about impaired. Woooo! I was all wonky and loopy, and dudes! I swear I could sing…. okay, very loud, and I was making up my own lyrics, but I didn’t care. LOL
Hubs got me, was brave enough to stop and we ate dinner at IHOP, apparently he doesn’t care if I might have embarrassed myself at IHOP. He’s amused easily. LOL 😀 After that we made another quick stop, and then home! Where he tucked me in to bed, gave me a cup of tea, my next dosage of medication, and put Stargate SG:1 in my DVD player. I was allowed one ep and then sleepy time. Okay, so he conked out first, and I watched two eps. Turned off the dvd player And then I was loopy enough to fall asleep.

So after that excitement, I’m just a little meh this morning. I’ll probably get back to the perky perky moi after a bit!! I’m just easing into it. Or lulling my co-workers into a false sense of _________! LOL Oh yeah, I can feel it start to wake up. OOOH! More coffee should do it!

Ya’ll take care! Keep Calm and Keep Groovin’ ON! *Wiggle wiggle wiggle*

Ahhhh Massages & missed opportunities


Okay this was to be the subject for Monday evenings blog… and I still feel it’s relevant.

Massage therapy is a healthy thing to have done for you. It reduces stress, physically relaxes you, and it’s also beneficial in pain management. — if done correctly.

Now then a lot of massage therapists do not want to work on people with fibromyalgia. Why? Because they usually do deep tissue massage and um, not a lot of people with fibro want that done to them. For example, if I have deep tissue done to me, I better have the next week off- for recovery time. It hurts worse than it’s supposed to. Now for others it’s fine. Hubs can have deep tissue done on him, and it hurts for a bit, but then he’s ready to go.

Other issues I’ve had with some-not all- massage facilities, omg, I’m a fluffy girl. Yes, I’ve lost weight, however I’m not oh a skinny Minnie. And yes, I’ve been turned away from a massage therapist for being fluffy. Now then the one’s that have worked with me, I’ve noticed that it does help me lose weight and I’m more apt to be able to do some more physical activities in the days following a massage. I don’t overdo it, as sure I feel good, but I know what can happen to me if I do overdo it. 😦
Second issue I’ve had…this one is hilarious… I’m a girl. (Um sarcasm alert) OMG! No really? Yes, a few of the massage therapists do not want to work on a woman. Why? Their personal hangup’s is my number one guess.
Third issue and another funny reason IMO, noises. Yes, noises. You know it feels good when you are getting a massage, and honestly, some times people moan. It doesn’t mean it’s sexual! It means it feels good, and oh yes, do that again. IN A NON SEXUAL WAY!! Get over yourselves.

So if you are a fluffy girl with chronic pain issues, and make noises where do you go? Well you ask around. Do your research, do you just wing it? Some do, and I have while on vacation. But…that’s a one time deal. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get a massage session at least twice a month, you’re going to want someone that you can be with. This isn’t an intimate, intimate moment. But let’s face it. You’re pretty much nude, and this person is touching your body! Shouldn’t you want to look into it a bit?

If anyone would like to know the name of my therapist, she’s good, works with anyone, can be quiet not chatty-also a bonus. I tend to want to zone out when I’m in a session. And she’s inexpensive. So I could afford a massage once a week. And yes, I am looking into that possibility. 🙂 Leave a message and I’ll update her into the blog. My best research is a friend that I trust! Or in this case, hubs. He went to see her first, and like me he’s picky. Now, he’s not fluffy, he’s not a girl, and yes he is chatty, however he is critical of pressure and what muscle groups are focused on more than others. And when I went to see her, she is a trained reflexology therapist as well. OMG, she was able to massage my feet! That is Awesome! I have the most ticklish feet of anyone I know. And she was able to manipulate them and wow!

So any one have any other things you look for in a massage therapist.
Pain management for me is a big issue. I don’t take meds for my fibro. I use meditation and other coping skills that I teach. Pain however is vastly unique for the individual. There are days when I’m at a level 20, yeah… but I keep going. I’m um…stubborn. LOL I say tenacious. but whatever? So with a massage therapist to is able to work with someone with fibro is very important. They can help reduce the pain level to where it’s highly manageable for more than a day. I had my massage on Monday and the majority of my pain is at a 6. That is very manageable. Without any massages I’m higher than that. And the massage was on Monday, this is now Thursday, so for me, three days so far with a lower level of pain. That helps with your stress reduction, if you’re not in pain, your stress level automatically drops. It’s easier to deal with ‘issues’ when you’ve had enough sleep and aren’t in pain. Just FYI. (I’m a therapist, I know that!) LOL 😀

so that is Monday’s blog entry-and later today, we’ll see what else is stuck in the hamster wheel I like to call my brain. LOL 😛 okay okay, it’s more like an amusement park in there. A good sense of humor is also vital to being a Healthy Human Being.

speaking of humor, watch the photo blog for some fun pix from me! I downloaded the Buddy Poke app for the iPhone/iPad and I’m having a blast playing around with it. Yes, you should play as an adult, it helps keep you young, healthy and active. If what you do isn’t physical, okay, it still keeps your brain active.

and one more healthy tidbit; Drink your H2O aka Water!! The temps may not be in the heat index yet, but why wait, hydration is good for you. Fights fatigue. 🙂

Till later, Have an awesome Day! YOU Are AWESOME! Yes you are!!!

& the plot bunny returns…


WooHOOO!! I am soo happy!!!

okay, first the important RL stuff; Dad in law is in the paperwork process of being discharged. Hubs will be driving him home and helping him run some errands. Food, entertainment and other necessities. 🙂

And now, all hail teh plot bunneh!! YAY! She’s returned and has some really cool plot ideas. This is the first challenge I’m responding to, I’ve answered personal to me challenges. However this is the first open challenge and it’s the first time, I’ve written in the Stargate Universe. I’m excited!! And yeah, Briana is there!! But this one isn’t the Bri you know. 80% maybe… stay tuned.

snippet from the story I’m writing:

Briana tilts her head, and then looks into the Major’s eyes, “You have pretty eyes, Major. Mister Oozes the charm over here,” Briana pats John’s arm, “Seems to have a story to tell, and then I’ll share mine. And if no one else attacks me, then I think I could be persuaded to be a calm kitty girl.” Briana snorts and then giggles. “I haven’t been called that in at least a few years.”

John and Lorne both look at the woman as she’s giggling and snorts again. Once the transporter doors open, Briana pulls herself back to a semblance of normality and says, “Lead the way.”

John steps out first, and Lorne follows behind Briana.

Briana slows down a little bit, and waits for the Major to come up next to her, “Everything alright, Ma’am?”

“I was just going to ask if you were enjoying the view, Major.” Giggling Briana starts walking and catches up to John, as Lorne is dumbstruck, not knowing what to say.

John looks back to see his XO standing in the hall with a far off look on his face. Turning to Briana, “What did you do?”

“Who me?” Briana smiles at John, “While I’m not a hundred percent innocent, I didn’t do anything.”

So wanna read more? LOL :p I’m still writing, and it will be posted on my plot bunny page- where all my stories are kept. 🙂

I’m also working on a calendar for May! At this time, due to RL issues, I’m only making one, and it’s for my Flygirlie friends. 🙂 HUGS

Other than that, it’s a beautiful day outside, the sun is shining, the sky is blue! It’s 66 degrees Fahrenheit. I’ll be having my lunch outside today, and enjoying the fresh air.

Ya’ll have a great day!!

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