I love the majority of my friends on facebook, really I do! 85% of them are really awesome! and that’s even without trying to be.

And then we have a small percentage 5% that while they never used to be so dramatic, have now become so. Is this a result of them being on facebook? I don’t know. But it seems to be a good possibility with these people.

The other 10% are just uniquely them! lol

They post highly personal family stuff and then whine when the rest of the family have blocked them. gee wonder why?  Then I showed them how to post so only they can see it. Have they? Um NO! Cue more drama.

It’s getting to the point that people that work with this person are starting to feel a hostile environment at work. Why, you ask? Well honestly, every day this person can come in with all her personal drama and doesn’t care who hears her. She complains about her job on facebook too, and that’s really?????? *cough stupid* So yeah, it’s tense for a bit until she arrives and what she is talking about. And that can be the calm before the storm. I’ve seen this person in a good mood and then a little thing happens and ka-blooey it’s on, the drama that is.

Honestly, if you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude about it. And if you keep complaining about the drama on facebook, stop causing it! 

yes, I do still like the person, I just don’t like the behavior. So what am I doing about it, 1) venting it here, and hopefully, this post educates others on their behavior, 2) move her from friends to acquaintances on facebook-so ya know I’m not dropping her as a friend, I just don’t see her dramatic posts in my timeline, 3) listen to her if she needs to vent, and redirect her to a more positive option!  4)at the most extreme-stay in my office and out of the drama.

So, thanks for reading!

Have an awesome day, stay warm and safe. We’re under a weather advisory. Cold, cold and oh yeah, more cold. 😉