I have Fibromyalgia! yeah, that’s not news. But what is, is the way some ppl that have known me for years can still act like they don’t know that. They tend to poke me or hit me- in a playful way. Yeah, to them it’s playful, to me it’s painful and sometimes agonizing! And when I ask them not to do that, they get upset with me and make stupid effing comments. Hey, you just hurt my feelings along with hurting my body! Did I jump down your throat? No, I asked nicely don’t touch me. But hey, I’m in the wrong here… what the fuck ever!

And I don’t think it’s wrong if I think, just for a day let them have my pain! See how they would handle this on a daily basis! I don’t think they could.

Thank the Goddess, I get to leave soon and then watch JiJi play which will make me smile and get a hug from Hubs that won’t be painful or agonizing!  I love him for his support and understanding. I know living with someone that can’t do the things they want to do, is difficult!