Since early Thursday morning say two or three o’clock I’ve had a horrid migraine. Friday we went and picked up some medications. And hubs stopped by ToysRUs for a look. And sweet! I was able to distract myself for a moment by finding two really cool Wonder Woman items; an exclusive to TRU Raven from the Teen Titans as Wonder Woman and a Funko large coffee mug!

And then we made it home and I took my meds and had a bite to eat. And then conked out until I received a text asking if I could work that Saturday night, uh no, sorry! It’s Sunday night now and I’m at work, still have a level 3 migraine but I’ve taken my meds and I’ve eaten some food. So hopefully I can tough it out through the night.

I hope everyone else is doing well. These weather changes always seem to affect me. 😦

raven as Wondie

wondie mug