Friday, the 26th of February, 2016 is the 57th day in 2016 and in the 8th calendar week.
General Events:
International STAND UP to Bullying Day
February 26, 2016 in the World
International STAND UP to Bullying Day takes place on February 26, 2016. International STAND UP to Bullying Day is a special semi-annual event in which participants sign and wear a pink “pledge shirt” to take a visible, public stance against bullying. The event takes place in schools, workplaces, and organizations in 25 countries across the globe on the third Friday of November to coincide with Anti-bullying week, and then again on the last Friday of February.
The first International STAND UP to Bullying Day took place in February 2008. 236 schools, workplaces and organizations representing more than 125,000 students and staff registered to take a STAND against Bullying by signing and wearing a special pink pledge shirt.
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Tell a Fairy Tale Day
February 26, 2016 in the World
Tell a Fairy Tale Day takes place on February 26, 2016. You could read your kids fairy tales today or read them alone. A fairy tale is a type of short story that typically features folkloric fantasy characters, such as fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, dwarves, giants, mermaids, or gnomes, and usually magic or enchantments. Fairy tales may be distinguished from other folk narratives such as legends and explicitly moral tales, including beast fables.
The older fairy tales were intended for an audience of adults, as well as children, but they were associated with children as early as the writings of the précieuses; the Brothers Grimm titled their collection Children’s and Household Tales, and the link with children has only grown stronger with time.
In cultures where demons and witches are perceived as real, fairy tales may merge into legends, where the narrative is perceived both by teller and hearers as being grounded in historical truth. However, unlike legends and epics, they usually do not contain more than superficial references to religion and actual places, people, and events; they take place once upon a time rather than in actual times.
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World Pistachio Day
February 26, 2016 in the World
National Pistachio Day is observed on February 26, 2016. The pistachio seed, commonly thought of as a nut, is a culinary nut, not a botanical nut. The kernels are often eaten whole, either fresh or roasted and salted, and are also used in ice cream, pistachio butter, pistachio paste and confections.
China is the top pistachio consumer worldwide, with annual consumption of 80,000 tons, while the United States consumes 45,000 tons. Iran, the United States and Turkey are the major producers of pistachios. The trees are planted in orchards, and take approximately seven to ten years to reach significant production.
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National For Pete’s Sake Day
February 26, 2016 in the USA
For Pete’s Sake Day celebrates one example of a ‘minced oath’, where an offensive word or phrase is substituted by something more acceptable in society. Other examples include ‘For crying out loud!’, and ‘Sugar!’. Such euphemisms have been used for centuries whenever people hit thumbs with hammers, burn hands on hot plates, or sit on sharp things while in polite company.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “for Pete’s sake” came into use more than a century ago and prompted similar sayings such as “for the love of Pete” in 1906 and “in the name of Pete” in 1942.
The annual “For Pete’s Sake Day” was started by a former radio talk show host in Lebanon, Pa., Tom Roy and his wife, Ruth. They submitted it to publisher McGraw Hill’s “Chase’s Calendar of Events” 20 years ago. It’s been one of the featured made-up holidays ever since. “We only create for others to do with as they wish.”
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Nationwide USA
Historical Events on 26th February:
747 BC Epoch (origin) of Ptolemy’s Nabonassar Era
1616 Spanish Inquisition delivers injunction to Galileo
1794 Christiansborg Castle, Copenhagen burns down
1848 Marx & Engels publish “Communist Manifesto”
1885 Congress of Berlin; gives Congo to Belgium & Nigeria to Great Britain
1910 Gandhi supports the African People’s Organisations resolution to declare the day of arrival of the Prince of Wales in South Africa as a day of mourning in protest against the South Africa Acts disenfranchisement of Indians, Coloureds and Africans in the upcoming Union of South Africa
1917 [NS Mar 11] Russian February Revolution: Tsar Nicolas II orders army to quell civil unrest in Petrograd – army mutinies
1923 Italian nationalist & fascists merge (blue-shirts & black-shirts)
1935 RADAR-Radio Detection & Ranging 1st demonstrated (Robert Watson-Watt)
1936 Military coup in Japan
1952 PM Winston Churchill announces Britain has its own atomic bomb
1954 Michigan rep Ruth Thompson (R) introduces legislation to ban mailing “obscene, lewd, lascivious or filthy” phonograph (rock & roll) records
1960 Vera Miles stars in the famous “Mirror Image” episode of the classic CBS television series “The Twilight Zone”
1971 Secretary-General U Thant signs United Nations proclamation of the vernal equinox as Earth Day
1980 Egypt & Israel exchange ambassadors for 1st time
1986 People Power Revolution in the Philippines
1992 Irish Supreme Court rules 14 year old rape victim may get an abortion
1993 2nd tallest building in world, NYC World Trade Center bombed, 7 die
2001 The Taliban destroy two giant Buddha statues in Bamyan, Afghanistan