Hmmm, I have a few people that really wanna know the answer. 😀

In my opinion one inspires the other, it’s a symbiotic-like relationship. Look at some of the more well known sci fi movies, and then think what one or two items immediately brings that movie or actor to the fore front of your mind. Indiana Jones, the one I was thinking, Indy’s hat, of course his whip is a close second. James Bond, tux, gadgets and of course the cars! 😀 Who doesn’t know what a ‘red shirt’ stands for? Okay if you don’t, you’ve been hiding under a rock, or don’t have very many geek friends. LOL 😀 Seriously, even my friends that don’t watch Star Trek have heard of the ‘red shirt.’

Let’s also look at some other sites, that have done a really well job on this subject as well:

How Sci-fi fashion has changed