31-Day Challenge Day 30: Introduce your pets

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The one to the left is Missy and the one to the right is JiJi. Missy’s real name is Isis but we started calling her Missy and she responds to it so it’s stuck. JiJi is named after the cat in KiKi’s Delivery Service. If you haven’t seen it, you should, it’s a cute movie. Missy is definitely Patrick’s kitty, she literally follows him everywhere!! She ignores me to run to him when we get home. JiJi is my kitty, he comes straight to me and starts talking Meowing when we get home. It’s like he’s scolding us for being gone so long. LOL 😀 He also comes in and snuggles with me and we watch movies or tv shows together. He does have his favorite actors, he will rub up against the laptop when they come on the screen, and he has good taste. We watched a movie last night with Michael Shanks and he rubbed the laptop so hard it went flat. LOL 😀 JiJi is part Siamese and is a very chatty and intelligent kitty. Missy is part Bombay and it shows in her demeanor, she is very playful and bitey when she is overstimulated. But she’s learned not to bite hard. So now it’s more of a love nibble when she’s had enough.
We had JiJi for a while before we had Missy, and he was my emotional support cat after my open heart surgery, he would come wherever I was sitting and would lie on me. He would sniff the incision and would meow if he thought something was wrong and Patrick would check and tell him he was a good kitty. He would keep me company and rub against my face when I was feeling emotional. He is a good kitty! To this day, he will sniff at my scar and rub against it. He does that when I’m having chest pain, not heart attack pain, but actual chest pain- from where my ribs were opened up to remove my heart. That still hurts and from the doctor’s it always will. But JiJi seems to know when that is and will lie against me and purr.

31-Day Challenge Day 28: What makes you happy

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Finally quitting that horrible, traumatic job and starting a new job has made me happy!

After being in my new job for over a month I’m still happy! I’ve been treated with respect. The people that call to speak with me want to be here, they’re nice and friendly.

I’m still grateful to my friend that told me to apply for this position!! She’s finally quit that horrible job too! We were both feeling as if they were forcing us out. I just heard they gave someone a year to resign and he walked out! Other people have finally walked out too! this actually makes me happy-they’re learning the way they treat people do makes a difference!

Other things that make me happy, Patrick, and our fur kids. Little things, lying in bed reading a good book, watching a movie at home. I can no longer stand movie theaters! The rude, obnoxious people that play on their phones, kick the seats and won’t be quiet during the movie.

Having a 3 day weekend! Sleeping in. Patrick bringing me coffee. JiJi snuggling up with me.

Just being still.

Until later have a beautiful Sunday!

31-Day Challenge Day 22: Three things you’re grateful for

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1. I’m alive. Seriously, I’m grateful for that.

2. I’m grateful for Patrick. He’s always supportive of me, my goals, my weirdness and he loves me the way I am.

3. JiJi and Missy. Those two little weirdos Aka my mini black house panthers. They greet me when I get home and depending on their moods they allow me to love on them. 😂 cat hoomans get that.

Until later have a great day!

31-Day Challenge Day 20: Write a letter to anyone

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Dear JiJi,

Thank you for being my mini black house panther! And my favorite little weirdo! You make me smile and laugh daily with your antics. You’ve been there for me during my painful recovery moments, especially after my bypass surgery when you’d barely leave my side when I returned home. You’re lying here today with me cause I’m not feeling well. Your purrs relax me and I can feel my anxiety lessen. I’m grateful for you being you, a warm, loving, playful and weird little kitty!

Happy Caturday

31-Day Challenge Day 12: What do you do to recharge your batteries?

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It all depends on how I’m feeling, my fibromyalgia and sinuses are awful right now. Patrick and I are discussing booking me a massage this Friday afternoon or Saturday afternoon. I plan on going home tonight and lying in bed watching some B5 (Babylon 5) on Tubi TV and hopefully JiJi will come in and let me pet him. He’s very good at helping me relax and staying calm. Patrick has already informed me that he’s done the dishes and will be cooking me dinner! Sweet!!

Otherwise, I just lie around and read. I’m an introvert, some say I’m an ambivert; able to be an extrovert when I need to be. I say, I’m an extrovert when I’m around the right people, my vibe, my tribe.

I’ve learned to just be, I don’t have to have an activity or an goal to complete. I really just need to recharge. There are plenty of Sundays now where when I blog, I let you know that it’s been a nice and relaxing Sunday. That means I’ve been lying around reading a book, playing with the cats or binging a good show.

JiJi in his usual spot watching tv with me.

Happy Caturday with JiJi

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Hello 👋🏻

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Oh it’s been an interesting month. 2 Cardiac Events, event because IMO they weren’t a heart attack but it felt pretty damn close. The doc at the ED thinks I’m having TIA’s again. Aka mini strokes. <sarcasm alert 🚨 > NICE!

So I’m having to reduce my stressors! Nuh huh! My job this week is nothing but stressors. Oh well I’ll be doing mini meditation 🧘🏼‍♀️ when possible and definitely reading!

Hubs is not amused! 😒 he’s keeping an eye on me and sending me cat 🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛ pix!

He reports they’re keeping him in bed for their amusement. I almost buy that. 😂

Have an awesome day! Namaste 🙏🏻

Good Grief

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I shouldn’t have to update a post more than twice, once for my grammatical mistakes and a second time because I forgot to add or expound on something!

5 times is a little much!!

Guess I’ll figure out this new and so-called improved app format for posting.

Since I’m on my phone 📱 more than a desktop 🖥 or laptop 👩🏻‍💻 and the work laptop I use 90% of the time has a key logger, I will usually be posting from my phone 📱.

I think figuring out how to add things will be my learning curve. Why the photos are no longer in line with the topics I’m discussing.

Even JiJi’s confuzzled! Yes, I made that word up! 😝

Moms Day 2021

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So Patrick bought me the Shaq grill. The cats bought me a charm. It was a nice weekend- I wasn’t on call and could sleep in and nap on Saturday. 😂 #Goals

After grilling steak on the Shaq grill I was only half impressed. The steak was over cooked, the temperature was difficult and I got burnt by the steam. When Patrick went to take it apart and clean. That’s the other reason we decided to return it!

1-I got hurt! Steam burns hurt!

2-the temperature wasn’t right, even with the directions and the steaks were over cooked!

3- there was oil/grease from the steak on the insides! The oil tray was easy to remove, yet difficult to put back in place! The oil was on the heating coils?!?!?! and that’s when we both decided it was being returned!! But seriously the Steam burn 🔥 was the first thing that ticked Patrick off- I GOT HURT, COOKING! On a product I shouldn’t have gotten hurt on! And yes, it was level on a flat surface!

Yay! For Sam’s Club! Yes, we’re Prime Members! Buying in bulk is smart! Costco is not worth the price of membership for US! To far away, overpriced food and multiple reasons-which sucks because I know they’re good to their employees!

But Sam’s has real food-that I can cook, that’s good quality in bulk and reduces our carbon footprints 👣 cause we stock up and go to the grocery store less!

Plus they’re 100% guarantee is amazing! Patrick returned the grill from hell, without the printed receipt and they looked up his purchase on the computer 🧑‍💻 and the money 💵 was returned on his card. Easy Peasy! He bought us other food items while there.

At this point and after the ordeal at the nail salon in Muncie. TNails, 20 years I’ve been going there and NOW, they’ve chosen to argue with me?! My manicurist quit! Wages are awful! We’ve given her 100.00 dollars in tips to help her! But yeah, she quit! 😭 so I saw the third in charge and she didn’t do bad until I informed her that the product she used -who markets dip and polish together for hands/feet, didn’t match! And she lied about basic science! “The polish oxidized in the box!” *it’s a new unopened in a sealed box polish!! Where and how did this oxidize? OMG 😳 stop lying 🤥

My toes were red my nails were pink! They were ALL supposed to be pink! So, she started painting OVER THE RED! WTH! 🤦🏻‍♀️ seriously 😳 no, just no! I asked to have the toe polish removed and just repainted with a pink. Reasonable in my opinion! But that’s when she was arguing with me and then Patrick! Yep, that’s when he said we’re going elsewhere! Bye 👋🏻 bye 👋🏻 TNails

So yeah my Mother’s Day weekend was overall nice! I enjoyed spending time with Patrick and then playing with the fur kids. 🐈‍⬛ JiJi and 🐈‍⬛ Isis.

And I did like the concept of the indoor grill. What’s your opinion on the Ninja Foodie Grill?

Have an amazing day!

Aloha 🌸🌼🌺🌸🌼🌺

**Updated due to the word functions! Finishing my sentences WRONG AND USING THE WRONG WORDS! it just did it again! I caught it this time!

Oh and here’s the charm the fur kids bought me!

Good taste
A Gold Maneki Neko aka the Lucky Cat

Holy Cow

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It’s been a minute. Happy New Year 🥳

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