Friday was the day and I posted a lot of pix on Facebook. LOL Yep, it’s the new parent’s syndrome!

The lady at the shelter discussed with us letting kitty getting acclimated to his new surroundings, yeah! That lasted a whole five minutes before he let himself out of the area we had him in. I watched him and he is pretty smart! Hubs just shook his head.

So JiJi is out exploring his new environs
Yes, that’s Hubs blue M&M dude, he has all the colors as his wife loves him. LOL 

unnamed (4)

Here’s our pretty mini panther/half siamese, JiJi
He’s laying down staring at me. LOL He’s soo pretty here! it’s hard to see but he has a ring of green around his pupil. 😉


The boys were quiet so I went to see what they were up too.
Yep, it’s nap time! closeup of JiJi
Hubs informed me that JiJi is a D&D gamer cat, yep! He was helping hubs with one of his online games, “He hit the keys and completed the mission, good kitty!”
the laptop is still on btw! LOL 😀

unnamed (3)

Full shot of hubs and JiJi sleeping!!
Aren’t they just soo awwwdorable? LOL
unnamed (2)

When they finally woke up we had to run a few errands and hubs left his laptop and his iTunes on so JiJi could listen to his music, “What he likes it.” They are both cracking me up. Because seriously, when I tried to turn off the music, JiJi batted my hand away and meowed. So yep, left that on.

We came back home to find JiJi in his chair. We fixed some food and sat down to eat and watch a movie. Guess who joined us? Good luck if you can spot him, he tends to blend in with our furniture. LOL 🙂

unnamed (5)

so for now, these are the pix I said I’d share. Oh don’t worry, he’s an adorable kitty with hubs, more pix of the both of them. And maybe…hopefully… one of the two of us together. LOL

JiJi really is a sweet kitty, hubs is still amazed at how fast he’s bonded with the both of us and is right at home in our house. JiJi’s been running around and if a door is closed, meows until it’s opened up for his sniffing. He’s been rubbing on furniture and things to mark his territory. But he is litter trained and has not jumped on a lot of areas we were concerned about. Overall he is a good kitty! And very loving!! He purrs at us even if we’re not petting him, he just lays next to us and starts purring. He keeps head-bopping me which makes me laugh and he starts purring. And I know coffee is not good for the kitty, but… he has snuck up on my cold cup and started drinking out of it. He meows if I get a cup and don’t fix him one. Yep, this is a good match!! Still weird he likes hubs music, though… LOL
On the plus side, he does like watching the movies with us.

PS- we figured out his birthday month, LOL and according to me, his middle name is Kavan! Yep!! 😀