so no postings over the weekend, I was cleaning. Yeah, mark a calendar. lol

I’m going back through my stuff, and giving away some more stuff. I’ll have some books to sell. Some older collectibles, still NIB. (NIB=new in box) And I’m getting ready to redecorate in my room. Selling my old bureaus, for some new ones. I’m still looking for one of the older vanity sets. And I was being sociable with a neighbor. 😀

trying to get out of this funk. It’s spring, it’s pretty outside, I need to get some flowers or something. maybe Saturday, go to Minnetrista in Muncie, and walk around the gardens, or go to Ball State and walk through the campus. no where in Marion to walk and look at the pretty flowers. sighs…this town depresses me…

and I’m re-reading the Otherworld series from the beginning to the newest! Six months…or more to the newest one. I read them in like a day, two if I slow it down a little. I need to find another series or two to read. I just completed the newest in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, “Lover Reborn” by JR Ward. At first, I was balking at the price increase, but after reading it, who cares. It was worth the price! Such a lovely rollercoaster ride, throughout the story. If you haven’t bought it, due to the price. I can assure you, it’s worth it! 🙂

so any suggestions on good paranormal romance/action/drama series?