Have you ever noticed how some bloggers are less serious than others??? Yeah, I’m one of those. I do have the one or two serious posts in a while, and a few will be coming up shortly. However, here is why I’m less serious than other writers/bloggers.  And by no means is this to offend any of my friends and fellow blogger/writers. 🙂 I love ya’ll equally, well okay some more than others… but whatever. LOL

I am a very serious person when I need to be, I have served my country in War and Peace. Which makes for some uber stressful moments.  I have a very serious job that I do five days a week between eight and ten hours a day, and some times on call for twelve hours on the weekends. Another very very stressful job. One that I don’t really want to change. 🙂 I have suffered  five TIA’s, which lead to a few strokes, which well I’m an overachiever, led to a heart attack, while I was doing my job. My boss still can’t figure out how I completed the work I did that day. LOL I’m tenacious- which is a much nicer way of saying I’m stubborn.

I started blogging back in 2000. And I did so as it was a stress reliever after some horrible incidents in my personal life.  It is still a better coping skill than hitting, punching and/ or using substances. Plus I love to read and write. Thank you, Mom for reading to me in the womb and continuing on. The way my parent’s would discipline me, take away my books and ask the librarians to tattle on me, if I wasn’t really doing homework. LOL Yes, really really.   I’m also a bit of a smart ass. No really! Haven’t you noticed?

I just feel that I have my own little niche and that is that I’m silly, goofy and occasionally serious when need be.  But I’d prefer to keep my posts light and fun. Just felt I should mention that to all the lovely new followers I have. As I’m unfollowing a few of the older bloggers on here that have gone from lighthearted to *facepalm* what are they thinking…. some but not all bloggers have degrees in writing… and if they really wanted to be an investigative reporter… than. Ya know??? LOL 😀 sorry, JMO!