It was a great day! Hubs and I both had the day off together!

Which is always awesome!

And it’s Beltane!! And it’s my three month salon day- yep every three months or so- I go and get the hair touched up. Well today I was also able to use my points and so I got the Naked on the Run palette: Eyeshadow, blush, shimmer, mascara, eye liner and lip gloss. Small enough to carry in my purse!


Then it’s summer and I want a lighter foundation, so once again, Urban Decay to the rescue. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow. 😉 And finally another Killer Queen fragrance from Katy Perry, this is the Spring/Summer Floral scent and mmmm it smells really pretty! I spritzed some on earlier and eight hours later you can still smell it.


Tomorrow is FCBD aka Free Comic Book Day, it’s also my day to get my mani/pedi. Can’t wait to try the 24 karat gold from OPI!! as usual there will be pix on my Instagram! 😀 As well as a review of the products after I give them a try tomorrow.

For my friends in Muncie, I’ll be down tomorrow for FCBD. Hope to find my friend, Jason’s new location. LOL

 Here’s a quick collage of moi and my girlie goodies!!

fun day in indy

Hopefully you can see the change in my hair color?

I’ll take a better photo tomorrow outside! 😉