So many times during my week, I see people getting upset and downright angry over things that they have no control over. No, this is not about work, this is about people in general.

If someone wants help, the best way to get that is to be as kind/nice as possible. Telling someone to go fuck themselves or “FUCK OFF!” is usually not a good idea! I’m just saying. 😉

For instance I was at the doctor’s office with Hubs the other day, and this individual was ranting and using the most profane language yeah even for me! And then wondered why they were being asked to leave until they could speak appropriately.  Guess what came out their mouth as they were slamming the doors??? If you thought, “FUCKTHISSHIT!” then you’d be right! 😉

A please and a thank you does go a fair distance in seeking what you need. A calm and cooperative person also helps. Just some PSA/FYI for those that might need it.

We’re all in this together, it’s not a race, it’s not a competition. Just be polite! and calm!