Calendar day; January 17, 2015

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Saturday, the 17th of January, 2015 is the 17th day in 2015 and in the 3rd calendar week.
General Events:
Ditch New Years Resolutions Day
January 17, 2015 in the World
Ditch New Years Resolutions Day is observed on January 17, 2015. It’s a day to brake or give up all of those New Year’s resolutions you made two weeks ago on New Year’s Days. But think about it: is it easier to slip back into old habits, or is it better to hold on your New Year’s resolutions? You can get it if you want it!
A New Year’s resolution is a secular tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice.
A study involving 3,000 people showed that 88% of those who set New Year resolutions fail, despite the fact that 52% of the study’s participants were confident of success at the beginning. Men achieved their goal 22% more often when they engaged in goal setting, while women succeeded 10% more when they made their goals public and got support from their friends.
Where is Ditch New Years Resolutions Day?
Kid Inventors’ Day
January 17, 2015 in the World
It’s Kid Inventors’ Day! Today we celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of young people all around the world. Kids are always asking how things work and trying to figure out for themselves by trying different things until it does something “cool”…. or breaks. Whichever comes first. It is the joy of kids to invent and Kid Inventors’ Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the imagination, ingenuity, and unbound curiosity of young people in all sorts of places.
You might think to yourself, “Kid inventors? That’s really cute, but surely kids haven’t invented anything groundbreaking or of real impact and significance.” Well, think again. The ingenuity of young minds have blessed mankind with such things as earmuffs, swim flippers, popsicles, trampolines, Braille, and even the television! The mind of a child works in ways that the adult mind no longer does which enables kids to see things in a whole new way and might just allow them to make the next big break through! Encouraging these tendencies is the reason behind Kid Inventors’ Day.
In the year 1718, young Ben stood on the edge of the water and wished he could swim faster and stronger, the dream of many young boys. However, Ben was not like other young boys and so he invented the first pair of swim flippers. As you have probably guessed young Ben is Benjamin Franklin, who invented swim flippers when he was only 12 years old. Benjamin Franklin is credited with the invention of several other items of great interest, but he started out as a kid inventor and gifted upon the whole scuba and snorkeling community the “swim flipper” which is now commonplace.
Kid Inventors’ Day is celebrated in honor of this noted kid inventor, though Benjamin Franklin is certainly not the only child to invent something of great note. In 1824, the blind Louis Braille (you probably have guessed where this is going) became frustrated with the “night writing” system of letters that was then available for the blind. So, at the age of 15 he took it upon himself to improve the system. His new writing/reading system was named Braille in honor of the young inventor.
The best way to celebrate Kid Inventors’ Day is to encourage the young inventors around you! Children are naturally inventive so if you know any kids at all they’re likely to have the tendencies of an inventor.
Where is Kid Inventors’ Day?
Popeye Day
January 17, 2015 in the World
On this day in 1929, Popeye, the Sailor Man, renowned comic-strip character, first appeared in print. The Victoria Advocate is credited as the first newspaper in the nation to run Elzie Crisler Segar’s comic strip, originally called “Thimble Theatre,” which starred the spinach-eating hero.
In 1917, Segar worked for the Chicago Evening American, where he drew “Looping the Loop,” a cartoon covering local events. In late 1919 the editor of the American sent some of Segar’s drawings to the King Features Syndicate in New York; three weeks later Segar moved there, where, as he recalled, “I met `Popeye,’ `Castor Oyl,’ `Olive Oyle,’ and the members of the cast of `Thimble Theater.'” The salty sailor was not among the strip’s original cast but appeared on January 17, 1929, when Segar was living in Santa Monica, California. The new character was probably inspired by Frank “Rocky” Feigle of Segar’s hometown. By 1932 Popeye was the undisputed star of “Thimble Theatre,” as evidenced in fan mail, toys, games, novelties, and jokes. The comic strip’s cast of characters grew to include Sea Hag, Professor O. G. Watasnozzle, Eugene the Jeep, Brutus, Alice the Goon, J. Wellington Wimpy, Swee’Pea, Granny, and Poopdeck Pappy.
The cartoon series was animated in 1932 under the direction of Max Fleischer, and Sammy Lerner composed the words and music to the theme song, “I’m Popeye the Sailor Man.”
The spinach industry credited Popeye and Segar with the 33 percent increase in spinach consumption from 1931 to 1936, and in 1937 Crystal City, Texas, the “Spinach Capital of the World,” erected a statue to honor Segar and his sailor.
Where is the event?
Old Twelveth Night
January 17, 2015 in England
Old Twelveth Night is celebrated on January 17, 2015. The Old Twelveth Night, also known as the Epiphany or Old Christmas Day, is an old Anglo-Saxon tradition that celebrates the last day of medieval Christmas festivities and the end of Twelfthtide, the 12-day season after Christmas. The old English custom of wassailing is also closely linked to the Old Twelfth Night. This custom is still observed in some parts of the United Kingdom, particularly south-western England. There is much confusion about the exact date of the Old Twelveth Night. [4] Some people believe that it corresponds to the date of the Old Christmas Eve (January 5) while others claim that it should be marked on the Twelveth Night (January 6). According to tradition, the correct date for the Old Twelveth Night should be on January 17 since the custom was created at a time when the Julian calendar was still in effect.
Where is Old Twelveth Night?
Nationwide England
National Hot Buttered Rum Day
January 17, 2015 in the USA
Today is Hot-Buttered Rum Day! Hot-buttered rum is a warm alcoholic beverage flavored with butter, salt, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and cloves. These ingredients form a batter that is then mixed with rich, dark rum.
Mulled wines and other “toddies” originated in Europe, but hot-buttered rum is an American innovation. During the colonial period, merchants began importing molasses (the basis for rum) from Jamaica. The first rum distillery opened in the 1660s and it wasn’t long before the colonists began mixing the alcohol with spices to create a warm winter refreshment.
Try making a homemade batch for your friends to celebrate Hot-Buttered Rum Day!
Where is National Hot Buttered Rum Day?
Nationwide USA
Art’s Birthday
January 17, 2015 in the World
Art’s Birthday is observed on January 17, 2015. Robert Filliou was a French Fluxus artist, who produced works as a filmmaker, “action poet,” sculptor, and happenings maestro. Filliou proposed “Art’s Birthday” in 1963.
He suggested that 1,000,000 years ago, there was no art. But one day, on January 17 to be precise, Art was born. Filliou says it happened when someone dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water.
He also proposed a public holiday to celebrate the presence of art in our lives. Art’s Birthday was first publicly celebrated in 1973 in Auchen, Germany and at the same time in Paris, France.
Where is the event?
Historical Events on 17th January:
1524 – Beginning of Giovanni da Verrazzano’s voyage to find a passage to China.
1718 – Avalanche destroys every building in Leukerbad, Switz; kills 53
1773 – Capt James Cook becomes 1st to cross Antarctic Circle (66° 33′ S)
1775 – 9 old women burnt as witches for causing bad harvests, Kalisk, Pol
1779 – Captain Cook’s last notation in ship’s log Discovery
1871 – 1st cable car patented, by Andrew S Hallidie (begins service in 1873)
1873 – A group of Modoc warriors defeat the United States Army in the First Battle of the Stronghold, a part of the Modoc War.
1893 – Queen Liliuokalani deposed, Kingdom of Hawaii becomes a republic
1899 – US takes possession of Wake Island in Pacific
1912 – Captain Robert Scott’s expedition arrives at South Pole, 1 month after Amundsen
1917 – US pays Denmark $25 million for Virgin Islands (or 3/21)
1929 – Popeye makes 1st appearance, in comic strip “Thimble Theater”
1941 – Kuomintang forces under orders from Chiang Kai-Shek open fire at communist forces, resuming the Chinese Civil War after World War II.
1945 – Auschwitz concentration camp begins evacuation
1945 – Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews from the Nazis, arrested by secret police in Hungary
1946 – United Nations Security Council holds its 1st meeting
1950 – The Great Brinks Robbery – 11 men rob $1.2M cash & $1.5M securities from armored car company Brink’s offices in Boston, Massachusetts
1961 – President Dwight D. Eisenhower delivers a televised farewell address to the nation three days before leaving office, in which he warns against the accumulation of power by the “military-industrial complex”.
1966 – Martin Luther King Jr. opens campaign in Chicago
1973 – City of Amsterdam decides to support Hanoi
1984 – Supreme Court rules (5-4) oks private use of home VCRs to tape TV programs for later viewing does not violate federal copyright laws
1987 – US President Reagan signs secret order permitting covert sale of arms to Iran
1989 – Murden & Metz are 1st women to reach South Pole overland (on skis)
1991 – Operation Desert Storm begins against Saddam Hussein
1995 – 7.2 earthquake destroys Kobe Japan (5,372 die)
1996 – Iraq agrees to talks concerning a UN plan to allow for the Iraqi sale of $1 billion of oil; proceeds from the sale would be used for humanitarian purposes
2002 – Mount Nyiragongo erupts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, displacing an estimated 400,000 people.

Calendar day; January 4, 2015

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Sunday, the 4th of January, 2015 is the 4th day in 2015 and in the 1st calendar week.
General Events:
World Braille Day
January 4, 2015 in the World
World Braille Day celebrates the birth of Louis Braille, inventor of the reading and writing system used by millions of blind and partially sighted people all over the globe. Though not a public holiday in any country, World Braille Day provides an opportunity for teachers, charities and non-government organizations to raise awareness about issues facing the blind and the importance of continuing to produce works in Braille, providing the blind with access to the same reading and learning opportunities as the sighted.
As incredible as braille is, and as much as it offers blind and partially sighted people, braille books must stay within the country where they are produced because ofrestrictive international copyright laws. Because braille books cannot be shared across borders, the blind cannot read any books that are not produced within their own country. Unfortunately, at present only 5% of all published materials get produced in accessible formats, which means that under 10% of all blind children in developing countries go to school due to the shortage or lack of teaching materials.
The Marrakesh Treaty is the name of an international agreement finalized in June 2013 that would allow copyright exceptions for published works to be made widely available in accessible formats. The implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty will allow blindness organizations to share their resources with other organizations in developing countries that may not have the resources to produce books for their blind citizens. Then, schools for the blind in wealthier countries would be able to send books to schools in poorer countries so blind children who cannot afford to buy braille books will still have access to the textbooks needed for them to finish school. For example, Spain’s ONCE (Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles, or The Spanish Foundation for the Blind) could make their braille library available to blindness organizations in all of the Spanish-speaking countries in South America, thus saving the costs of reproducing the exact same books for each separate country. However, these resources can be shared only if this treaty becomes law in all of the countries around the world.
This coming World Braille Day, celebrate Louis Braille’s achievements and help millions of blind and partially sighted people everywhere by writing a letter to your government representatives encouraging them to make this treaty a reality.
Where is World Braille Day?
Independence Day of Burma
January 4, 2015 in Burma
Independence Day of Burma is celebrated on January 04, 2015. The Independence Day of Burma is a national holiday observed in Burma every year. The date celebrates Burma’s Declaration of Independence from Britain on January 4, 1948. Independence Day of Burma is marked by sport activities and fairs in most Burmese cities.
Where is Independence Day of Burma?
Nationwide Burma
Trivia Day 2015
January 4, 2015 in the World
All those facts you picked up through daytime game shows can finally be put to good use when you astound your friends with your general knowledge! Trivia day is the perfect day to share all of those silly little facts that almost nobody knows, making this day a fun and interesting one to spend with friends or family.
The World famous trivia game, Trivial Pursuit, is thought to have sparked people’s fascination with trivia and competing to see who knows more odd facts about geography, history, art, science, sports and entertainment. Trivial Pursuit was first created in in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1979 by two men named Chris Haney and Scott Abbott, who had become frustrated to find pieces of their Scrabble game had gone missing, thus inspiring them to create their own game. Trivial Pursuit became an almost instant hit and worldwide phenomenon, and the trivia craze began.
If you don’t own any home trivia games, Trivia Day can be a great time to crack open the encyclopedia and spend some family time around the dinner table quizzing each other and discussing little known interesting facts. You could also share this day with friends, though perhaps you should steer clear of the competitive types! Arguments over whether the answers to trivia questions are 100% correct can get extremely fierce, especially near the end of the game when the most is at stake!
So what are you waiting for? Order a pizza or two and let the knowledge competition begin!
To get you started: In the Victorian era, special teacups were produced to protect the mustache from being inadvertently dipped in tea.
Where is the event?
Natural Events:
January Full Moon
January 4, 2015 in Eastcoast (North America)
On January 04, 2015 the moon reaches its maximum brightness. Therefore it is called full moon. Full moon is a lunar phase that occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. More precisely, a full moon occurs when the geocentric apparent longitudes of the Sun and Moon differ by 180 degrees; the Moon is then in opposition with the Sun. As seen from Earth, the hemisphere of the Moon that is facing the earth is almost fully illuminated by the Sun and appears round. Only during a full moon is the opposite hemisphere of the Moon, which is not visible from Earth, completely unilluminated.
The time interval between similar lunar phases is on average about 29.53 days. Therefore, in those lunar calendars in which each month begins on the new moon, the full moon falls on either the 14th or 15th of the lunar month. Because lunar months have a whole number of days, lunar months may be either 29 or 30 days long.
Full Moons are traditionally associated with temporal insomnia, insanity and various “magical phenomena” such as lycanthropy. Psychologists, however, have found that there is no strong evidence for effects on human behavior around the time of a full moon. They find that studies are generally not consistent, with some showing a positive effect and others showing a negative effect. In one instance, the British Medical Journal published two studies on dog bite admission to hospitals in England and Australia. The study of the Bradford Royal Infirmary found that dog bites were twice as common during a full moon, whereas the study conducted by the public hospitals in Australia found that they were less likely. Full moons trigger deer movement in North America. Hunters and fisherman rely heavily on moonphases.
Where is January Full Moon?
EST Eastern Standard Time / UTC-05
Eastcoast (North America)
Historical Events on 4th January:
871 – Battle at Reading: Ethelred of Wessex beats Danish invasion army
1490 – Anna of Brittany announces that all those who would ally with the king of France will be considered guilty of the crime of lese-majesty.
1698 – Most of the Palace of Whitehall in London, the main residence of the English monarchs, is destroyed by fire.
1847 – Samuel Colt sells his first revolver pistol to the United States government
1885 – Dr W W Grant of Iowa, performs 1st appendectomy (on Mary Gartside, 22)
1887 – Thomas Stevens is 1st man to bicycle around the world (SF-SF)
1903 – Topsy, an elephant, electrocuted by Thomas Edison during the War of Currents campaign.
1912 – The Scout Association is incorporated throughout the British Commonwealth by Royal Charter.
1920 – 1st Black baseball league, National Negro Baseball League, organizes
1947 – Emilio G. Segrè and Carlo Perrier announce technetium, a previously unknown element and the first artificially synthesized chemical element
1948 – Burma declares independence from UK
1958 – Sir Edmund Hillary reaches the South Pole
1972 – Rose Heilbron becomes the first female judge to sit at the Old Bailey in London.
1998 – A massive ice storm hits eastern Canada and the northeastern United States, continuing through January 10 and causing widespread destruction.

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