This is something a friend awarded me on my now defunct blog at blog city. lol

So how do you get a love bubble?  love_bubble_stamp_by_valedhelven-d47o4yw

You’re given one. And for the next month, I’ll be giving a few out daily! YEP! WoooHOOO! 😀

You’ve given me something already;  you’re a friend, you’ve left some lovely comments on my entries, you’ve reblogged my entries-always appreciated! And you’re an AWESOME Person! Simply by being you. So! WOOHOO!

todays first Love Bubble Awards are for:

Horty! 😀

Paul! 😀

  LMG! 😀

Now then, feel free to post on your blog!! Hugs!

Tomorrow I’ll be awarding some more. Never fear!! Your love bubble is near! XOXO