hit me Monday on FaceBook.  Personal ethnic attack, which I don’t play games with cyber bullying, I reported him for it.

Something had been posted that I did not want posted, so I asked the poster ‘politely’ to take it down, and he flew off the handle, said some derogatory and inappropriate things. He’s now banned from quite a few groups, and duh- unfriended by me, and some of our mutual friends. I love my friends that saw that 1) I was being polite and acting like an adult, and 2)that he wasn’t! 😦

So… I have password protected some of the entries on the Creative Blog, and I will probably continue to for a bit longer.

If he has signed up for the newsletter- I need to find out how to have him taken off of it. Or how to block him from my sites. Yeah, I’m kinda mean! But I do not reward Bad, rude, derogatory, ethnic slurring people!! Would  you? 🙂

updated: the funniest thing was my friends posting pix of eating popcorn- for being entertained by the drama. LOL 😀 that was pretty funny, the rest, not so much! But it has been taken care of- at least by the group administrators and my friends.