Retrograde, Schmectograde

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One of my colleagues today, said, “We must be in Mercury retrograde!!”
I informed her nicely, no, not really. But then I was thinking, there were 6 planets in Retrograde, how many still are. To Google we go and I found this, ICYMI: THESE 4 PLANETS ARE RETROGRADING THIS DECEMBER and we’ll be ending December in Mercury Retrograde. So hold on, and prepare yourselves! 😉

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I’ve been trying to figure out why I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, out of sorts, agitated, dissatisfied, moody, and overly sensitive!

I found out why by accident at my Physical Therapy appointment yesterday, my therapist, Cara mentioned it’s Mercury Retrograde and asked me if I knew when it ended? Go Go Google-Fu skills. It ends on October 2nd, thank you, Goddess! This explains my communication snafus with multiple work people, and yes, I forget that we’re in Mercury Retrograde. I’ll be coming up with a cute craft system to remember this! 😀

And while I was googling info on Mercury Retrograde dates, I found this article: Six Planets in Retrograde!

That explains a lot!!

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Mercury Retrograde

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This retrograde will continue until October 1st, and the next one will occur from December 28 through January 18, 2023. Happy new year, huh?

Mercury Retrograde dates for 2016



That’s right, one starts tomorrow through the twenty-fifth of the month. oh woo not hoo! lol


I’ll be posting this lil pic in the side bar during the year we have Mercury Retrograde! 😉


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I’ve heard from more and more people lately that have or might be in issues because they engaged mouth and inserted foot. so just a bit of an FYI! I’ve always enjoyed this acronym and hope it’s helpful for you or someone you know.

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 11.07.58 AM

and just in case anyone needs one:


There’s been a lot of negativity going around.
Yep! Mercury is in Retrograde again until October 9!
It started the day before my birthday on the seventeenth. ‘Splains a lot actually!
Mercury = communication so the above is highly recommended!!

and in other news…


my new mercury retrograde horoscope thingie… yeah. I think I signed up for this. 😛

Squaring some things away may be the name of the game for you today- mind your priorities and you’ll be just fine. Though communication mishaps may occur, if you breathe a bit, before you respond- in addition to those Merc. Retro Gemini action, there’s a bit of Venus and Cancer influence to help you draw on those warmer feelings under the aggravation that may help you to know what to say, in a much better way. Just be sure you’re taking that step back and not reacting. Respond, not react is the way to go throughout any Mercury retrograde cycle- but especially in Gemini.

IOTD *Special*

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